Depositing Processed Kimberlite in Pits and Underground - EA1819-01

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CVs for DDMI consultants

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Finalized agenda for the public hearings for EA1819-01.

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Meeting notes from the second pre-hearing conference, held on August 9 2019.

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Letter to interveners requesting information necessary to finalize pubic hearing agenda.

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Slides for the second pre-hearing conference, to be held at 10am on August 9, 2019.

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Draft agenda for the public hearings. This document will be discussed in the pre-hearing conference on August 9, 2019.

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Notice of Proceeding describing the requirement for interveners and the developer to submit CVs for expert technical witnesses.

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Letter from the NWT Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation - Akaitcho IMA Office to the Review Board withdrawing its intervener status for these hearings.

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Agenda for the pre-hearing conference follow-up meeting, to be held on August 9, 2019.

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Letter from the Review Board to the Fort Resolution Metis Council in response to their invitation to hold a public hearing in Fort Resolution.

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Notice of Proceeding describing how members of the public can participate in the hearings for this EA.

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Letter from the Fort Resolution Metis Council requesting a one week extension to submit their intervention.

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List of interveners for EA1819-01.

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Note to file describing a meeting between Review Board staff and consultants and Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. on July 25, 2019.

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Letter to all participants of the Diavik Mine Site tour.

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A letter from the Chair of the Review Board to the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, regarding the participation of Board member Joe Handley in the Diavik public hearings and the vacant Tlicho Government nomination Board position.

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The FRMC have invited the Review Board to host a community hearing in Fort Resolution.

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Review Board staff notes from the Pre-hearing Conference.

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The revised call-in information for the pre-hearing conference.

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The Mackenzie Valley Review Board's pre-hearing conference powerpoint presentation.

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This notice of proceeding offers parties the opportunity to participate in a site visit to Diavik Mine on July 24, 2019. Details on how to participate are included.

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Notice of Proceeding on the hearing phase for this environmental assessment