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Media Advisory stating that the Mackenzie Gas Project's proposed pipeline has been referred to an Environmental Impact Review.

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Personal letter from Gwich'in woman Alestine Andre

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Letter from Norman Wells Chamber of Commerce to MVEIRB regarding full participation of the business community in the project.

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Email from the World Wildlife Fund requesting report of consultation sessions held with NGOs in October 2003 from the developer

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MVEIRB correspondence with INAC to identify capacity needs and funding participants for Mackenzie Gas project.

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The Pehdzeh Ki First Nations requests a ruling on extended the comment period for the scoping and terms of reference phase of the environmental review.

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Letter from Deh Cho Pipe to MVEIRB re: Imperial Oil Ltd. submission for the staging and laydown area - Camsell Bend.

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Letter requesting party status to the Mackenzie Gas Project's proposed Camsell Bend Development.