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This is a letter from the Minister of INAC accepting the Review Board's rejection of the proposed development by New Shoshoni Ventures Ltd. in Drybones Bay.

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This is a letter sent by the Yellowknives Dene First Nation to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, regarding the cultural importance of Drybones Bay. It is a response to the recent letter from New Shoshoni Ventures to the Minister.

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This is a letter sent from New Shoshoni Ventures to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs asserting that the proposed project will cause minimal archaeological disturbance and should be allowed to proceed

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YKDFN express their concerns with any activity in the Drybones Bay region and the possible loss/damage of heritage sites in the area.

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A letter of further consideration to Indian and Northern Affairs from the Review Board, reiterating the recommendation to reject the proposed development of New Shoshoni Ventures in the Drybones Bay area.

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NSV's completed archeological assessment of the Drybones/Wool Bay area.

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A letter from Andy Scott, Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, requesting that the Review Board reconsider its decision regarding the environmental assessment of New Shoshoni Ventures proposed Preliminary Diamond Exploration program in the Drybones Ba

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A letter from Yellowknives Dene First Nation reiterating their position that MV2003C0016 should not go ahead in Drybones Bay, nor should any further applications for land use in the area be considered.

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INAC has received the REA from MVEIRB and they will provide a response shortly.

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YKDFN do not believe that MVEIRB and MVLWB are adequate sources to inform the Federal Government on the possible impacts the development will have on the YKDFN.

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Public notice of corrections to the NSV report of environmental assessment

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INAC has received MVEIRB's letter and it will be brought to the Ministers attention.

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MVEIRB approves Drybones drilling program.

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This is the Report of Environmental Assessment by the Review Board on the proposed diamond exploration development by New Shoshoni Ventures, at Drybones Bay on the north arm of Great Slave Lake.

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MVEIRB submits a copy of the REA to the proponent.

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Letter from MVEIRB that accompanied the submission of report of Environmental assessment to responsible Minister.

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INAC's submission of supplementary materials promised at the public hearing.

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Revised Draft Hearing Agenda

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Notice to all parties that public hearing transcripts are available online and where to find them.

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MVEIRB's response to INAC's request for rulings.

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Resume of Marc G. Stevenson

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Resume of Allice Legat

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Resume of Howard Dean Cluff

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Galbraith would like to know if the board hired an expert on the cultural significance of the Drybones/Wool Bay areas.

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Draft agenda for joint public hearing.

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LKDFN presentation and list of representatives for the joint public hearing.

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Because EC has chosen to be an observer in the public hearings they did not present this information.

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The public registry will be closed for the duration of the public hearings.

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Submissions from Susan Weaver and Greg Robertson.

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RWED and DFO submissions.

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INAC will be participating in the hearing as an observer only.

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NSMA presentation.

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Credentials of YKDFN experts.

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Update on Elders session and revised agenda for the public hearing.

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Laurie Stevenson and Max Braden will be representing NSV at the public hearing.

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Submission from the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre regarding mechanisms for heritage resource protection.

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Susan Weaver's submissions for the public hearing.

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NSV Presentation for the Public Hearing

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MVEIRB procedures for viewing YKDFN's reports.

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Clarification on information from NSV about the Mine Inspector's report.

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Gartner Lee Ltd.'s Presentation for the Public Hearing

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MVEIRB approved Mr. Robertsonƒ_Ts request for directly affected party status.

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Garner Lee's response to participant comments on regional cumulative effects study for Drybones/Wool Bay

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Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation has been accepted as a directly affected party. Attached is all the submissions received.

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INAC would like MVEIRB to make a ruling, pursuant to section 44 of the Rules of Procedure, prior to the public hearing for the Drybones/Wool Bay assessments.

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Corrections to DFO's per-hearing conference worksheet

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NSV's completed per-hearing conference worksheet

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INAC's completed per-hearing conference worksheet

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DFO's completed per-hearing conference worksheet.

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NSMA will be unable to make the deadline for pre-hearing conference worksheets.

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RWED's completed pre-hearing conference worksheet

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This file is too large to place on the public registry. For a copy of the presentation contact us directly.

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YKDFN's comments and concerns with the submissions of NSMA, INAC, RWED and DFO.

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Deadline for pre-hearing conference worksheets and the developers responses to the submissions.

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DKFN will be represented by Diane Giroux at the public hearing.

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All participant comments on regional cumulative effects study.

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Greg Robertson's identification of EA roles form

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Environment Canada's completed pre-hearing conference worksheet

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Pre-Hearing Conference Worksheet

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Participation of Aboriginal parties and weighting of traditional use evidence.

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Information about public hearings and rules regarding third party representation.

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Announcement of pre-hearing conference and public hearing.

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After reviewing all the CE study and subsequent comments the NSMA has a few remaining concerns they would like added to the public registry.

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MVEIRB response to YKDFN's request for ruling on the above matters.

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NSV's comments, concerns and analysis of the cumulative effects study.

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DFO letter requesting clarification on the discrepancies in the drill locations specified in the LUP application and the DAR.

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DKFN's request for directly affected party status has been approved by the board.

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Comments on cumulative effects study.

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INAC's, Drybones/Wool Bay field trip report.

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Information provided by the NSMA has been removed from the Gartner Lee study for reasons of confidentiality and is not for distribution.

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MVEIRB provides NSV with advice on preparing for the public hearing.

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Compilation of all previous comments on the draft cumulative effects assessment.

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DKFN's identification of environmental assessment roles form.

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MVEIRB advises the YKDFN of the steps they must follow in order to have documents be considered confidential. They also advise INAC and RWED of the request.

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Work Plan amendments to NSV, CGV and NAGRC.

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The dates for the Pre-Hearing Conference and Public Hearing for NSV, CGV and NAGRC have been changed.

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NSV concerns with the EA process.

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Pre-hearing will now be on November 4, 2003 and the public hearing will be held on November 18/19, 2003

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MVEIRB addresses NSV concerns.

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DFO addresses NSV's concerns while reiterating the need for a full response to their September 17 letter.

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DFO critique of NVS and CGV's responses to fisheries IR.

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YKDFN requesting that the information they have provided to the review board be closed to the public.

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Prince of Whales Northern Heritage Center comments on the draft cumulative effects study.

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DFO believes that NSV has not provided the information requested in the IR. Therefor they are unable to make a decision.

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INAC comments on the draft cumulative effects study

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YKDFN comments on the draft cumulative effects study

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DFO Comments on the Draft Cumulative Effects Study

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Gartner Lee Ltd. submitted draft hand drawn maps.

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Pre-Hearing Conference Guide and Worksheet.

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CGV, NAGRC and NSV Issues Summary for Environmental Assessments.

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MVEIRB updates all parties on the status of the Drybones/Wool Bay EA

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Environmental guidelines for the construction, maintenance and closure of winter roads in the Northwest Territories.

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NSV sends a second email to clarify what they meant in their sept 11 correspondence.

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DFO comments on the CE study for the Drybones/Wool Bay area.

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NSV has questions about when the final draft of the study will be available. Weather his request to have the public hearing moved was going to be considered and weather or not he could attend the pre-hearing conference via conference call.

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MVEIRB answers all NSV questions in their Sept 11 letter.

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Form to be completed by any group wishing to be given party status.

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MVEIRB corrects TerraFirma on the timing and scheduling of pre-hearing conferences , public hearing and the status of the EA process.

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Informing the distribution list of the stats of the environmental assessments of CGV, NAGRC and NSV.

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NSV and CGV response to comments on the DAR by DFO.

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Comments are due by 5:00 on September 17.

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A draft of the above mention paper for discussion.

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DFO provides is comments on the DAR's for all proposed developments in the Drybone/Wool Bay ares.

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Review and Comments prepared by the YKDFN on the NSV, CGV and NAGRC Developers Assessment Reports.

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INAC and RWED comments on the above mentioned DAR's.

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NSMA comments on the DAR's in the Drybones/Wool Bay area.

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RWED comments on the DAR for NSV

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MVEIRB reminder for all parties that comments on the DAR's for developments in the Drybones/Wool Bay area.

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The developer requests that the hearing date be moved to October 2/3.

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MVEIRB is writing with regards to the report on field studies in the Drybones/Wool Bay areas.

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The hearing will be on October 9/10.

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There will be a public hearing in Yellowknife on October 11 & 12 to discuss exploration in the Drybones/Wool Bay area. There will be a pre-hearing conference on Sept 22/23.

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The NSV DAR is now open for comments by all parties. The deadline for comments is September 2, 2003.

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Revisions to the NSV DAR

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MVEIRB confirmation that they have received the DAR

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Submission of New Shoshoni DAR

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MVEIRB update on the status on the EA for the Drybones/Wool Bay Area

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YKDFN would like to inform INAC that they are concerned that MVEIRB is not fulfilling its mandate properly.

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YKDFN have issues with reasons and procedures used by MVEIRB when rejecting their referral to Environmental Assessment.

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Informing Gartner Lee's visit to the site. Which allowed them to get a better idea for the scale of the development in relation to known traditional land use.

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NSMA would like to know more about the agenda for the site visit.

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Attached is the most recent draft of the CEAM Strategy and Framework and Regional Plan of Action for Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management for the Slave Geological Province.

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CPAWS will have observer status in this assessment.

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MVEIRB response to all comments on the study of the Drybones and Wool Bay area.

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Final Terms of Reference and Workplan for the Cumulative Effects Study of the Drybones Bay/Wool Bay Area.

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Parties with standing for EA's in the Drybones and Wool Bay Area

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ECE provides comments on the EA process for the Drybones EA.

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Attached are letters regarding NSV TOR, a list of parties status and the final terms of reference and workplan.

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MVEIRB was not informed of leases but did know about his cabin. MVEIRB has attempted to contact the man in question but received an auto reply say he would be away for some time.

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GNWT, NSMA, INAC and DFO's comments on the Cumulative Effects Study Terms of Reference.

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INAC would like to know if a lease holder was included in the EA process.

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MVEIRB thanks the NSMA for their comments on the draft terms of reference and workplan.

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YKDFN's complete Identification of EA roles form.

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INAC's completed identification of EA roles form.

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Letters from YKDFN regarding Snowfeild's proposed exploration and cumulative effects in the Drybones Bay region.

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MVEIRB appreciates the clarification on their plans and looks forward to working collaborating with the YKDFN on the cumulative effects study.

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Meeting with regulators Re: EA Process

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DFO's comments on the draft terms of reference.

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INAC comments on workplans for Drybones and area drilling programs.

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This letter informs all parties that a cumulative effects assessment is be commissioned, contains REWD and NSMA comments as well as DFO and INAC's request for an extension.

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NWT Metis Nation identify their standing in the NSV EA.

328.53 KB

GNWT identify their EA roles for NSV.

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New Shoshoni comments on the draft terms of reference and workplan.

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DFO writing to confirm the deadline for comments on draft terms of reference.

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Comments will be accepted for the above mentioned assessment until 5:00 pm July 11, 2003.

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YKDFN inquiry about developer's meeting

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This letter contains both their application and reasons to be considered for effected party status.

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Distribution of the Draft Terms of Reference and Schedule for the Cumulative Effects Assessment of the Drybones and Wool Bay Area.

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MVEIRB rejects Eric Yaxley's request for an extension of the comment period.

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MVEIRB declines DFO's request for an extension on the deadline for comments.

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Members of Environment Canada will be attending the above mentioned meeting.

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GNWT comments on the draft terms of reference and work plan.

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NWT and Nunavut Chamber of Mines identification of roles in NSV.

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After reviewing the draft terms of reference and workplan RWED has the following attached comments.

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INAC and DFO's completed identification of EA roles form.

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MVEIRB supplies DFO with materials regarding YKDFN concerns.

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Rachel Crapeau and Louis Azzolini stopped in to discuss the Cumulative Effects Assessment, confirming that YKDFN do not want to prepare the CEA.

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Gavin More will be attending the above mentioned meeting.

180.55 KB

Gavin More offers to help clarify the scoping so that they are not asking for inappropriate items and commits to forwarding all GNWT materials prior to the meeting.

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INAC would like to request an extension on the comment period for the above mentioned project until after the meeting.

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DFO will have difficulty meeting the deadline for comments on the three EA's in the Drybones/Wool Bay area. DFO therefor requests an Extension.

187.49 KB

MVEIRB has noted your request for an extension, we will get back to you shortly. MVEIRB will also forward parties information received since their last conversation.

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To facilitate the process MVEIRB has circulated a form for the Identification of Environmental Assessment Roles.

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Phone conversation with Louie Azzolini (on behalf of the YKDFN) about the cumulative effects assessment for the Wool and Drybones Bay area.

164.76 KB

Phone call between MVEIRB and DFO regard the comment period for the Draft terms of reference and work plan.

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MVEIRB has setup a meeting to discuss the EA process in their Board Room on Thursday July 3, 2003.

2.13 MB

Draft Terms of Reference and Workplan

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MVEIRB asks Greg Robertson if they wish to be placed on the New Shoshoni distribution list.

218.53 KB

The review board has considered your letters concerning cumulative effects and has hired an independent consultant to conduct a cumulative effects assessment.

108.11 KB

Galbraith Empson advising MVEIRB that they will council for the YKDFN

164.76 KB

Summary of meeting with developer

101.53 KB

INAC thanks MVEIRB for the copy of this letter as it allowed them to better understand the concerns of the YKDFN.

223.41 KB

When determining the scope of the assessment, the YKDFN request that MVEIRB considers the importance the Drybones and Wool Bay areas and the potential cumulative effects in the area.

286.76 KB

MVEIRB would like to inform New Shoshoni of the possible cumulative effects in the area due to 2 other proposed developments in the area.

230.18 KB

When determining the scope of the assessment, the YKDFN request that MVEIRB considers the importance the Drybones and Wool Bay areas and the potential cumulative effects in the area.

1.5 MB

Requests of interested parties to remain on the distribution list.

478.11 KB

Along with the notice of referral to EA the distribution was sent forms to remain on or be removed from the list.

75.99 KB

New Shoshoni gives MVEIRB its correct adress.

99.41 KB

Great Slave Cruising Club asking to be placed on the public record

384.18 KB

Letter of Referral and MVLWBƒ_Ts reasons for decision.

194.92 KB

MVLWB notifies MVEIRB that New Shoshoni Ventures has been referred to Environmental Assessment.

3.34 MB

MVLWB circulation of the New Shoshoni LUP for comments.

305.79 KB

Article in the Weledeh Gondi regarding developments in the Drybones/Wool Bay area.