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Northrock would like to amend their LUP to allow for a winter airstrip to support construction.

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MVEIRB thanks SLWB for bringing the proposed changes to their attention and confirms details of a phone conference earlier that week. MVEIRB also provided suggested measure and guidance for the amendment to the LUP

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Notes of all issues and topics covered in the meeting.

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Northrock's winter workers appeared to be using water from the Stewart Lake to make snow and this was lowering the level of the lake and effecting peopleƒ_Ts ability to harvest fish. This was being done against the request that no water be used from that

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Sahtu Land and Water Board has decided to approve Northrocks application for LUP and WL.

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NEB as the designated regulatory agency has decided to adopt MVEIRB's recommendations.

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Letter from INAC to MVEIRB accepting their findings in the REA and adopting the recommendations.

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For Northrock Resources' exploratory oil & gas program at Summit Creek, Sahtu region.

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INAC will not be submitting a Technical Report on the Summit Creek project as it stands.

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Maps and Cultural/Heritage Information on the Proposed Study Area.

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Northrock's response to IR 1.2.1

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MVEIRB sends a copy of all the IR's and all the responses, to the distribution list.

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MVEIRB confirms receiving CPAWS IR and informs them that their IR will be issued to Northrock

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David Etchinelle is concerned with his ability to continue harvesting in the area around Stewart Lake because of the Northrock's proposed development.

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CPAWS submission of IR's for the proposed Summit Creek Project.

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More responses from Northrock to IR's Submitted by MVEIRB.

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Sahtu Renewable Resources Board's response to MVEIRB's IR

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Northrock's response to MVEIRB's IR.

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Distribution of MVEIRB's Information Requests and confirmation of directly affected parties.

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MVEIRB contacted SLUPB to see if they wished to have directly affected party status.

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MVEIRB's presentation for the Tulita meeting on may 15th

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List of all participants at the Public Hearing in Tulita.

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MVEIRB is having a public Hearing in Tulita on May 15th.

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Fax of Northrock's DAR and the form for identification of EA roles.

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MVEIRB informs the distribution list that Northrock's DAR is now available and provides them with a copy of all the completed identification of EA roles forms.

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For Northrock Resources' exploratory oil & gas program at Summit Creek, Sahtu region.

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MVEIRB's application to lease the community hall in Tulita on May 15th.

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Community hearing to be held in Tulita.

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MVEIRB invites all directly affected parties and interveners to submit any IR's they may have. This correspondence also includes a formatting guide for IR's.

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Timeline for the environmental assessment of the Summit Creek project by Northrock Resources, Ltd

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For Northrock Resources' exploratory oil & gas program at Summit Creek, Sahtu region.

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RWED offers their assistance to expedite the process in any way possible.

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RWED's comments on the draft terms of reference and work plan.

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Northrockƒ_Ts comments on the draft terms of reference and work plan.

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DFO's comments on the draft terms of reference and wok plan.

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Environment Canada's comments on the TOR and Work Plan

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CPAWS comments on the Draft terms of reference and work plan for the Summit Creek project.

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For Northrock Resources' exploratory oil & gas program at Summit Creek, Sahtu region.

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A copy of the report on the ice profile, conducted recently at the proposed Keele river crossing.

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Note from MVEIRB to Distribution List Re: Notice of Referral to Environmental Assessment. This document also contains all the forms required to remain on the distribution list.

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Northrock informed the Tulita District Land Corp, Tulita Renewable resources Council and Fort Norman MActis Land Council that they have managed to set up a meeting with MVEIRB in Yellowknife.

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Fax of the letters received by the SLWB from the other referral agencies involved.

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Northrock expresses concerns with the length of the EA process and the short amount of time left on their exploration license.

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MVEIRB notifies Northrock that their Summit Creek project has been referred to EA.

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Letter from the Sahtu Land and Water Board referring Northrock Resources' oil & gas exploration project at Summit Creek, Sahtu region for Environmental Assessment.

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SLWB's report on the proposed Northrock project, after being asked to reconsider their prior decision.

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Staff Report from SLWB on Northrock resources' Summit Creek LUP and WL application.

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Summary record of the Tulita community hearing regarding the Northrock Resources Ltd. B-44 Environmental assessment