Cameron Hills Exploratory Drilling Project - EA00-004

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Prepared by Golder Associates Ltd. The bound document is too large to scan, to view the document please contact our offices.

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The amendment request was approved subject to further consideration in the cumulative impacts section of the Cameron Hills EA.

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EC does not agree that inclusion of 10 possible future wells should be included in final terms since information is lacking.

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NEB has no concerns with Paramount's request

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The removal of references to existing wells for the Cameron Hills project is valid since the wells are covered under existing Land Use Permits and therefore not required as part of the current LUP application.

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Specifically removal of the 4th bullet in Section 2 of the Draft Workplan and 2nd bullet in section 2.1 of the Draft TOR.

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Request to amend final version concerning references to requiring access to existing well sites.

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MVEIRB additionally requests that Paramount provide a letter to include in the final Workplan and TOR, 10 possible future wells.

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Comment that MVEIRB deadline of January 5th to receive comments is unreasonable given that most parties are away over the holidays, due to this their comments will be late.

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Re: wells that are applied for within an area but that do not have specific coordinates.

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For Paramount Resources' natural gas exploratory drill program east of Fort Liard, Dehcho region.