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This letter regards concerns from YKDFN over archaeological evidence submitted by Snowfield and concerns over the developer's intention to undertake additional archaeological work.

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For the Drybones/Wool Bay areas (April 2, 2003).

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Summary of the YKDFN Dettah public meeting which took place on April 2nd and 3rd, 2003.

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Memo describes the surface reconnaiassance work (the brochures cited are available from the MVEIRB office upon request).

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Correspondence between YKDFN and SDC regarding a proposed meeting between the two parties. SDC's reponse to concerns posed by YKDFN are also attached.

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Request for ruling for the Drybones/Wool Bay areas environmental assessments (EA-03-002, EA-03-003, EA-03-004, EA-03-006).

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Submission by Gartner Lee Ltd.

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Response to comments made by parties on the Cumulative Effects Study.

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Comments from YKDFN re: participant comments on the regional Cumulative Effects Study for Drybones/Wool Bays.

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Letter which was referenced by DFO in their comments on the Culmulative Effects Study.

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Clarification re: a map referred to in an Indian and Northern Affairs Canada submission, and clarification from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on comments made re: the Culmulative Effects Study.

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Comments from developer in response to concerns from the North Slave Metis Alliance on the culmulative effects assessments of the Drybones/Wool Bay areas.

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Submitted by Snowfield Development.

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Prepared by the Conference Board of Canada. Copy available from the MVEIRB office upon request.

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Snowfield Development's response to the Cumulative Effects Study for Drybones/Wool Bay area, Akaitcho region.

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Distributed by MVEIRB to the distribution list.

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Request for correction to the participants list submitted by the North Slave Metis Alliance.

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Was distributed by the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board to the distribution list.

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Report published by the Department of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, GNWT.

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Regards confidentiality of North Slave Metis Alliance information contained in Gartner Lee study.

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Comments from the interested parties.

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Re: access to the cumulative effects study.

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Sent out to the distribution list re: the posting of the "Diamonds and the NWT, Canada" report.

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Regards the timing of environmental assessments.

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Email about Snowfield's authorized representatives.

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Report prepared by Gartner Lee Ltd. and submitted to the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board. (A copy of this report was distributed by MVEIRB to the distribution list for comments).

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Letter regards the status of the environmental assessment for the Drybones/Wool Bay area.

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Letters regards YKDFN's concerns on how the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board is receiving and conducting the environmental assessments of the New Shoshoni, North American General Resources Corp., Consolidated Goldwin Ventures Inc., and S

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Letters regards culmulative effects study of the Drybones/Wool Bay. Includes copy of Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management strategy and framework.

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Comments on the Drybone/Woool Bay environmental assessment. Concerns regarding the lack of a systematic archaeological survey of the area.

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Prepared by Mike Beauregard on behalf of Snowfield Development Corporation. (A copy of this report was sent out to the distribution list by MVEIRB).

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Article on regards the proposed exploration drilling programs in the Wool Bay and Drybones Bay areas.

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Notification re: public registry from MVEIRB.

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Report from NWT Chamber of Mines submitted at the public hearing for Snowfield Development's diamond exploration program at Drybones/Wool Bay, Akaitcho region.