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Final meeting report from MVEIRB of August 16, 2006 scoping session held at the Chief Lamalice Complex on the Hay River Reserve.

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Final Meeting Report from MVEIRB of the Fort Resolution Scoping Session held on August 17, 2006.

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An update of the EA with next steps and a list of recent files added to the public registry.

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Comments received from DIAND on September 6, 2006, with follow up questions and comments for Review Board and developer considertation, following the scoping sessions.

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Comments from the Northwest Territories Metis Nation received on August 28, 2006.

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Sent from DKFN to MVEIRB on August 24, 2006

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sent from Tamerlane Ventures to MVEIRB on August 23, 2006

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Copy of the presentation given at scoping sessions in Fort Resolution and Hay River by Tamerlane Ventures.

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Presentation given by MVEIRB on process of EA and purpose and goals of scoping sessions, August 16 and 17.

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Environmental Evaluation submitted to Western Mines Limited in June 1980 on Great Slave Reef project (including R-190 property. Submitted by Tamerlane to MVEIRB on August 22, 2006.

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List of available files on Pine Point area available at CS Lord; sent from Tamerlane to MVEIRB on August 22, 2006.

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A Report by GTC Geologic Testing Consultants to Environment Canada on the Pine Point area, submitted March 30, 1983. Sent from Tamerlane Ventures to MVEIRB on August 22, 2006.

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Guidance from the Review Board that follow-up scoping submissions due by August 24.

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Document produced by the Deninoo K'ue First Nation at the Fort Resolution scoping sessions held on August 17, 2006.

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Comments and questions for the EA received from Kara King of Fort Resolution on August 18, 2006.

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Response from EC to MVEIRB re: notification of Section 79(1) that Species at Risk may have habitat within the area impacted by Tamerlane's Pine Point Project.

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background article from 1969 submitted by Tamerlane

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Tests on hydrogeology of R-190 deposit area by Stevenson International undertaken in 1983 for Westmin Resources. cited by Tamerlane in response to NWTMN dated July 21, 2006. NOTE: THIS IS A 8.6 MB FILE, 109 PAGES LONG, AND MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO DOWNLOAD.

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Research report by Brown, Erdman and Associates for Westmin Resources on the R-190 deposit, dated April 1982. cited by Tamerlane in correspondence to NWTMN dated July 21, 2006. NOTE: THIS IS A 3.6 MB FILE, 170 PAGES, AND MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO DOWNLOAD.

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Background article from 1976 submitted by Tamerlane

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final minutes of a July 12th meeting between the developer, INAC, Environment Canada and GNWT departments to discuss issues brought up during preliminary screening.

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Response to issues raised during preliminary screening by Wayne Starling of INAC, including attachments.

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Response from Tamerlane to GNWT re: stated concerns from preliminary screening of Pine Point Project.

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maps indicating directions to locations of scoping sessions in hay river (August 16) and Fort Resolution (August 17).

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copy of an email/fax sent to the distribution list from MVEIRB on August 3, 2006, with maps of scoping session locations and recent documents added to public registry.

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Agendas for the scoping sessions on August 16 in Hay River and August 17 in Fort Resolution, along with some guidance from the Review Board to parties on how to prepare for the Scoping Sessions. NOTE: DATE ON DOCUMENT OF JULY 2 IS IN ERROR. DATE SHOULD BE

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An open invitation to all parties on the distribution list to join Tamerlane on a site visit at 9am, August 17th, between the two scoping sessions. Instructions to location included. Originally sent to all parties by Tamerlane on July 21.

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The MVEIRB is announcing the holding of Scoping Sessions in Hay River (August 16) and Fort Resolution (August 17).

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Letter of July 21, 2006, where Tamerlane responds to concerns raised by Northwest Territory Metis Nation during preliminary screening. NOTE: attachments from developer added on August 2,2006

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Response to Natural Resources Canada survey on explosives proposed for use at Tamerlane's Pine Point Project.

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An email from Tamerlane to MVEIRB with attachment discussing additional testing being done on Dense Media Separation circuit proposed for Pine Point Project.

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A presentation and attachments given by Tamerlane to INAC and EC regarding specific technical concerns expressed during Preliminary Screening.

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A letter from the Hay River Metis Council to Tamerlane, proposing further meetings.

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Email and questionnaire from NRCAN to Tamerlane requesting additional information about any explosives to be used in the Pine Point Pilot Project.