Mackenzie River 2D Seismic Program - EA02-002

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NEB's response to RWED' concerns and comments on the proposed seismic program.

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RWED comments on the proposed Mackenzie River Seismic program.

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Draft Letter of referral of the Seismic program to MVEIRB for environmental assessment.

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Confirms the date and time of the meeting regarding WesternGeco.

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WesternGeco's presentation from the meeting in Yellowknife, including a draft acoustic and biological assessment program.

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Agenda for the meeting to discuss WesternGeco's Seismic Project.

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NEB requests that all interested parties review the sections of WesternGeco's responses that apply to them and reply with any addition information or clarification required.

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WesternGoco's responses to the National Energy Boardƒ_Ts Information Request No. 1, including a Marine Operating Manual. Both of these documents are too large to be placed on the public registry, to obtain a copy of these documents contact MVEIRB.

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NEB information request No. 1 to WesternGeco regarding Mackenzie Delta River 2D Seismic Program, 2002.

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More replies to NEB's request to review and comment.

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NEB faxes WesternGeco a copy of all the replys it recieved to their request to review and comment.

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NEB faxes WesternGeco a copy of all the replys it recieved to their request to review and comment.

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RWED's comments on WesternGeco's application to conduct a 2D Seismic program.

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EISC informing WesternGeco that their development proposal had deficiencies of a nature that warranted terminating itƒ_Ts consideration until the submission of another project description.

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Re: Comments on WesternGeco's Mackenzie River Delta 2D Seismic Program 2002 submission before EISC in May

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NEB provides MVEIRB with a description of the proposed project and some excerpts of WesternGeco's EIA report, requesting any comments or concerns.

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Environmental Impact Assessment Report submitted to MVLWB and NEB. Copy of this report is too large to place on the registry, to obtain a copy of the report contact MVEIRB.

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WesternGeco's community consultation schedule for March.

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Project description presentation made by WesternGeco in Yellowknife to various government departments and regulators.