Mackenzie River 2D Seismic Program - EA02-002

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MVEIRB informs the RM that they have changed the wording of revised measure 1.

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DCFN express concerns and dissatisfaction with the level of consultation they received during the consult to modify process and review of the REA.

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MVEIRB sets up a meeting to deal with the substance of the consultation requests.

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NEB would like a time frame for when MVEIRB would be ready to begin the consult to modify process.

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INAC received MVEIRB's reply to the request for consult to modify and discussion of beginning the process.

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NEB informs WesternGeco that they have entered into the consult to modify process with MVEIRB.

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INAC would like to initiate the consult to modify process with MVEIRB

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NEB requests a meeting with MVEIRB regarding possible modification to the recommended measures.

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Minister of INAC has begun review of the REA.

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NEB forwards a copy of its original request for comments and WesternGecos responses to MVEIRB.

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INAC confirms receiving MVEIRB's letter concerning WesternGeco.

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NEB fax requesting WesternGeco's comments on MVEIRB's REA.