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This is one of the articles referenced by the developer in its commitment #51, in the document it submitted on November 2, 2009 following the EA technical sessions.

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An updated commitment (IR #50) sent on December 22, 2009 to the Review Board from Deze Energy to replace the original submission. This is a single commitment update and not the entire commitment document which was posted November 2, 2009.

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This meeting dealt with issues related to aesthetic effects within the proposed East Arm National Park Reserve. The primary purpose of the meeting was to confirm commitments made by the developer at the technical sessions held in October 2009.

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The report covers a series of meetings held between Deze Energy and Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT) regarding caribou and other species at risk. Attached to this report are two supplemental letters that provide further information.

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This letter provides information on how parties may submit any comments they wish to Review Board staff regarding the Draft Environmental Monitoring Program submitted by the developer.

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These are the commitments that arose from the technical sessions in Yellowknife & Lutsel K'e, Oct 1, 2 and 5, 2009 and Sept 29, 2009, respectively.

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A description of technical meetings held by the developer and Environment Canada to discuss incineration equipment and techniques to reduce the potential mpact of emissions on air quality.

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This is a draft environmental monitoring program presented by Deze Energy Corporation that has been submitted to the Review Board for review by the parties to the environmental assessment. Please refer to the accompanying letter from the Review Board for more information on how to submit comments.

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Transcripts from Day 1 - Oct 1 2009 Yellowknife Deze EA technical session. These are also available in html format http://mail.tscript.com/trans/mac/oct_05_09/index.htm

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Transcripts from Day 1 - Oct 1 2009 Yellowknife Deze EA technical session. These are also available in html format http://mail.tscript.com/trans/mac/oct_01_09/index.htm

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Transcripts from Day 2 - Oct 2 2009 Yellowknife Deze EA technical session. These are also available in html format http://mail.tscript.com/trans/mac/oct_02_09/index.htm

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Transcripts from September 29th 2009 Lutselk'e technical session. These are also available in html format http://mail.tscript.com/trans/mac/sept_29_09/index.htm

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This letter provides more information for parties regarding the upcoming technical session for the Taltson Hydroelectric Expansion Project EA. Parties should review the information contained here before attending the session later this week. Also, an updated agenda and some additional background information is provided here as well.

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The Review Board staff will be hosting a community meeting in the community of Lutsel K'e on September 29, 2009. The meeting is public and will be a forum to discuss potential impacts to the land, people and culture of the Akaitcho region resulting from the Taltson Hydroelectric Expansion Project.

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The Review Board is hosting a formal technical sessions so that the information parties have indicated they need can be gathered and the issues they have cited can be resolved if possible. These sessions will replace the written exchange of information typically done through the information request process.

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This draft agenda is for the planned technical session of October 1, 2 and 5, 2009. The session will replace written IRs in the Taltson Hydroelectric Expansion EA. The agenda may be subject to change.

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Email from Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation indicating their availability for a meeting planned by the Review Board.

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questions posed by Fisheries & Oceans to the developer

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uestions posed by Fisheries & Oceans to the developer that ask for clarifications on the type of jet fuel proposed to be used.

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Additional information provided by the developer, Deze Energy Corporation

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Note to FIle. On June 5, 2009, Review Board staff placed additional information on the FTP site for the Taltson Hydroelectric Expansion project. This information includes reports related to the baseline water data that Deze Energy used in the DAR.

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This letter contains information about the upcoming technical session, including dates, times, location and a draft agenda.