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This is the revised work plan for the TNR Gold Moose Property environmental assessment with a change in dates for information sessions and public hearing.

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Comments from Indian and Northern Affairs regarding the request for Rulings for the TNR- Moose Property environmental assessment.

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Here is the agenda for the up coming Information Session at the Smoke House in N'dilo. Presentation will be made by TNR Gold Corp..There will be time for questions and discussion about the project throughout the day. At the end of the day there will be time to discuss the October hearing and what the parties and developer are expected to prepare.

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A Request for Ruling sent in by Chief Ballsillie of the DKFN to the Review Board regarding the process of the TNR Gold Corp.- Moose Property EA. Includes letter and Form 2.

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One of two Request for Rulings sent in from YKDFN regarding the current Workplan for TNR Moose Property EA1011-002.

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Second of two Requests for Ruling sent in from YKDFN regarding the Workplan for TNR -Moose Property EA 1011-002.

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A Request for Ruling Form 2 sent in by Akaitcho IMA Implementation Office regarding the modification of the TNR-Moose Property EA 1011-002 Workplan. This form is to be in addition to the email posted on September 14, 2010.

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This is an official correspondence to the Review Board for a Request for Ruling regarding the process of the TNR Gold Corp. Ltd.- Mosse Property Exploration Project. The Akaitcho IMA Office wants clarification and an understanding as to why this particular process is so different from past EAs and why many steps have been left out. Goes with FORM 2 September 17, 2010.

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A Request for Ruling on the process from LKDFN for the TNR Gold Corp. Ltd-Moose Property Exploration environmental assessment EA1010-002.

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This is the final workplan for the TNR Gold- Moose Property EA approved ny the Review Board. Please note the changes made to the schedule for the community sessions and the date for the hearing.