Snap Lake water licence amendment - EA1314-02

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Notice of timeline requirements under the MVRMA

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This is a letter from the NPMO office, CanNor to the Yellowknives Dene concerning crown consultation.

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This is an application for party status from the Deninu Kue First Nation.

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A presentation of SLEMA's April 2014 Environmental Update.

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Requested by YKDFN. Public hearing transcripts from original Snap Lake hearings April 28 - May 2, 2003. PDF pages - Day 2 p 168, Day 3 p 305, Day 4 p 528, Day 5 p 741

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Requested by the YKDNF. The techncial session transcripts from the first Snap Lake EA01-004, Nov 29 to Dec 6, 2002

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A document that provides a protocol for deriving Water Quality Guidelines