Underground Decline and Pilot Plant - EA01-002

Development includes a 600m underground decline and exploratory drilling program as well as a metallurgical pilot plant. The proposed mine will exploit a known lead/zinc/silver/copper deposit in the south Nahanni, Dehcho Region.


CompanyCanadian Zinc Corporation
TypeEnvironmental Assessment - Complete
ContactManager, Environmental Impact Assessment

Recent Documents

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Letter from the Minister of DIAND to CZN re: letter of May 13, 2003 Jun 24, 2003
Letter from the Minister of DIAND to MVEIRB re: Decision of the responsible Ministers with Jurisdiction Jun 16, 2003
Prairie Creek Mine Site Peer Report May 3, 2003
Letter from MVEIRB to the Minister of DIAND re: Transmittal of Envrionmental Assessment Reasons for Decision Apr 14, 2003
Fax Cover Sheet Apr 7, 2003
Reasons for Decision - MVEIRB in the matter of the reconsideration of the Prairie Creek environmental assessment Apr 4, 2003
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Fax Cover Sheet Mar 11, 2003
Letter from CPAWS to MVEIRB re: Comments on CZN and Prairie Creek Mar 7, 2003
Letter from individual to MVEIRB re: CZN suggestion Mar 5, 2003
Letter from the DFO-FHM to MVEIRB re: comments on CZN's Information Request Response to MVEIRB Mar 4, 2003
Letter from Parks Canada to MVEIRB re: additional comments on CZN's response to MVEIRB dated January 31, 2003 Mar 3, 2003
Letter from Deh Cho First Nations to MVEIRB re: Significant Concerns with CZN Mar 3, 2003
Letter from RWED to MVEIRB re: Prairie Creek Mine Feb 24, 2003