Drybones Bay Preliminary Exploration - EA03-002

Preliminary exploration drilling involving 2 drill holes at each of three sites.


CompanyEncore Renaissance Resources Corp (formerly Consolidated Goldwin Ventures Inc)
TypeEnvironmental Assessment - Complete
ContactManager, Environmental Impact Assessment

Recent Documents

Letter from MVEIRB to Distribution List re: Status of environmental assessments for the Drybones/Wool Bay area Aug 11, 2003
Letter from the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs to MVEIRB re: Report of the Environmental Assessment for Consolidated Goldwin Ventures' Preliminary Diamond Exploration in Drybones Bay Mar 26, 2004
Report of Environmental Assessment and Reasons for Decision on the Consolidated Goldwin Ventures Preliminary Diamond Exploration in Drybones Bay Feb 10, 2004
Pre-Hearing Conference Participation Form Sep 15, 2003
Pre-Hearing Conference Guide Sep 15, 2003
Notice of Pre-Hearing Conference Sep 1, 2003
Letter to developers from MVEIRB re: Yellowknives Dene First Nation request for ruling Aug 28, 2003
Terms of Reference and Workplan for Consolidated Goldwin Ventures Early Stage Mineral Exploration Jul 13, 2003
Email from MVEIRB to distribution list re: CGV - preliminary comments from the company re: TOR and Workplan Jun 24, 2003
Proposed timeline for Consolidated Goldwin Ventures preliminary drilling project Jun 2, 2003
Letter from the Mackenzie Valley Land & Water Board to developer re: application to drill at Drybones Bay Mar 17, 2003
Development Assessment Report for Consolidated Goldwin Ventures Inc. Preliminary Exploration Program Aug 1, 2003
Letter from DFO to MVEIRB re: draft Terms of Reference Jul 2, 2003
Email Auto Reply Jun 24, 2003
Fax from MVLWB to Distribution List re: attached documents Apr 14, 2003
Copy of application Apr 15, 2003
Copies of Correspondence by CGV Apr 16, 2003
Fax from MVEIRB to Distribution List re: Notification of Referral Apr 29, 2003
Letter forwarded by MVLWB to the Minister of INAC re: CGV proposed development May 2, 2003
Letter from GEOFIN to MVEIRB re: MV2003C0003 Land Use Permit Application - CGV Inc. May 5, 2003

Document Summary

00Preliminary screening
038Assessment/review startup
056Terms of Reference and workplans
018Developer's Assessment Report/Environmental Impact Statement
00Information requests
00Technical or community sessions
00Technical reports
08Public hearings
00Hearing follow-up
01Report of Environmental Assessment/Impact Review
00Post Report materials
01Minister's decision and final measures
088Other public registry materials
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