Mackenzie Valley Review Board

Prairie Creek All Season Road - EA1415-01 [2014]

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6 MBORS documents for the DpToR

These are the documents posted on the ORS during the review period for the Developer's Proposed Terms of Reference including responses from CanZinc and the Review Board.

0.3 MBNote to File_LiDAR

This letter is to notify the public that the Review Board has received LiDAR information from CanZinc.

1 MBTechnical Issues Scoping Summary

This is the summary of the technical issues scoping session held on July 8th, 2014.

1 MBParks Canada Agency Speaking Notes

These are Parks Canada's speaking notes from the issues scoping session on 8 July 2014 in Yellowknife.

0.2 MBAmmended LUP application June 2014

This is a letter from CanZinc describing changes to the land use permit application for the proposed project. It was referred to the Review Board by the MVLWB.

6 MBCanZinc All Season Road Scoping Presentation July 8 2014

This is a copy of the presentation given by CanZinc on July 8th at the scoping session in Yellowknife.

0.07 MBMVLWB Letter RE ammended LUP application

This letter from the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board informs the Review Board about changes to the proposed land use permit (LUP) application from CanZinc.

0.5 MBIssues Scoping Agenda_Yellowknife_8July2014_v2

The agenda for the issues scoping session has been modified to begin at 9am on Tuesday July 8th, 2014.

0.3 MBNote to File_TK Video_3July2014

This letter is to notify the public that the Review Board staff viewed the TK Assessment video prepared by the NDDB on July 2nd, 2014.

0.1 MBADK Briefing Report from Community Scoping June 10 2014

This is a briefing report from the ADK in Fort Liard summarizing their notes from the community scoping session held on June 10th, 2014.

0.5 MBIssues Scoping Agenda_Yellowknife_8July2014

This is the agenda for the issues scoping session in Yellowknife on Tuesday July 8th, 2014.

0.04 MBGNWT Letter to MVEIRB - Request to Review NDDB TK Assessment_06-30-14 -

This is a letter from the GNWT requesting permission to read the NDDB TK Assessment.

5 MBLUP_Parks2012-L001_CZN

This is the existing land use permit issued by Parks Canada to Canadian Zinc for the Prairie Creek winter road.

3 MBWL_Parks2012_W001_CZN

This is the exisitng water license issued by Parks Canada to Canadian Zinc for the Prairie Creek winter road within Nahanni National Park Reserve.

0.3 MBNote to File_TK Assessment

This Note to File is regarding the TK Assessment provided by the NDDB.

0.1 MBTK_Assessment_Report_Addendum

This is the Addendum report to the Traditional Knowledge Assessment completed by NDDB.

1 MBCommunity Scoping Summary Report

This is a summary of the community scoping sessions held the week of 9-June-2014.

0.03 MBNDDB Letter to MVEIRB re TK Study June 2014

This is a letter from the NDDB notifiying the Review Board it would like copies of the Addendum TK assessment put on the Registry.

6 MBEC_Notification Pursuant to ss-79 1 of the SAR Act Letter

This is a letter from Environment Canada informing the Review Board that it received the SARA notification letter.

0.3 MBNote to File_Tech Scoping and dates

This is a note to file outlining near term key dates for the technical scoping session and comments for the draft Developer's Proposed Terms of Reference.

0.2 MBCanZinc_haulage_rte

This is a map of the proposed haulage route from the Prairie Creek Mine to Fort Nelson provided by Canadian Zinc.

5 MBPrairie_creek_rd_alignment_Jun 2014

This is a map of the proposed all-season road alignment to the Prairie Creek Mine provided by Canadian Zinc.

0.6 MBDene_traditional_harvesting_protocols

This is a brochure that was submitted during the Fort Simpson community scoping session describing the Nah?a Dehe Traditional Havesting Protocols.

0.08 MBFtSimpson_attendance

Sign in sheet from Fort Simpson community scoping session, 11 June 2014

0.09 MBFort Liard_attendance

Sign in sheet from community scoping session in Fort Liard, 10 June 2014

4 MBCanzinc All Season Road Scoping Jun 2014

This is a copy of the presentation given by Canadian Zinc at the scoping sessions completed the week of 9 June 2014.

0.1 MBNahanniButte_attendance

Sign in sheet from Nahanni Butte community scoping session, 9 June 2014

0.04 MBLetter NPMO to ADK re participation in the EA

This is a letter from NPMO to Acho Dene Koe and the Fort Liard Metis Council regarding participation in the EA.

0.05 MBLetter_NPMO_to_DFN

This is a letter from the NPMO to DFN and Aboriginal groups in the Deh Cho.

0.3 MBNote_to_File_scoping_dates

This is a notification of the scoping session dates and locations.