Mackenzie Valley Review Board

Tlicho All Season Road - EA-1617-01 [2016]

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0.6 MBNSMA Request for Funding

A letter from the GNWT to the NSMA granting funding for a traditional knowledge study related to the Tlicho All-Season Road Environmental Assessment.

0.3 MBDeveloper cover letter for updated concordance table

This is a cover letter for the updated concordance letter.

0.3 MBupdated concordance table, appendix A

This is an updated concordance table for the Developer's Adequacy Statement Response.

0.2 MBNotice of proceeding - information requests

This notice of procedding provides direction on the first round of information requests.

0.2 MBUpdated workplan

Updated workplan including dates for the next phase of EA.

0.1 MBReview Board letter to Developer - conformity determination of adaquacy statement response

This is the Review Board's letter to the developer regarding the conformity determination of the Adequacy Statement Response.

34 MBDeveloper's Adequacy Statement Response

This is the Developer's Adequacy Statement Response.

0.5 MBDFO-GNWT meeting summary report

FIsh and fish habitat

0.1 MBTlicho Government party status form

Identifies the Tlicho Government's party status for EA1617-01.

2 MB2017 Recovery Strategy for Boreal Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in the Northwest Territories

Action and planning tools to assist authorities in the conservation and recovery of boreal caribou in the Northwest Territories.

0.2 MBBoreal caribou meeting summary

Summary discussion of boreal caribou issues related to the proposed Tlicho All-season Road

0.07 MBECCC letter to MVEIRB - COSEWIC status of barren-ground caribou

To assist the Board and parties in the assessment of barren-ground caribou

0.1 MBCOSEWIC Status of Caribou submitted to MVEIRB

An assessment of the COSEWIC status of barren-ground caribou and other species.

0.2 MBGNWT meeting minutes and post-meeting response: Boreal caribou population health

Notes and follow-up from GNWT November 10, 2016 meeting with ECCC, WRRB and CANNOR regarding TASR Adequacy Statement 4.1 - Boreal Caribou - Population Health

0.5 MBWRRB letter to GNWT: re comments on Nov. 10 meeting on Boreal caribou

WRRB response to GNWT regarding November 10, 2016 meeting discussing Boreal caribou population health. Comments on MVEIRB adequacy statement request; NT range population; meeting minutes & commitments

0.4 MBECCC letter to GNWT: Boreal Caribou Pop Trends meeting minutes review

ECCC review of meeting notes and follow-up items from November 22nd, 2016, meeting with GNWT. Discussion on boreal caribou population trends and absence of range plan for North Slave region.

0.05 MBFederal letter to MVEIRB - information request response

Nothern Project Management Office provides an information request response regarding fish harvesting within the scope of the TASR project

202 MBNSMA Appendix (1 of 2) -TAB 1 with Index_Oct 28 IR response

NSMA Appendices to PR#98 with index. Tab 1: Documents filed with Supreme Court of NWT for Enge v. Mandeville, 2013 NWTSC 33. Refer to PR#98 for sections relevant to EA1617-01.

6 MBNSMA Appendix (2 of 2) - Tabs 2,3 and 4_Oct 28 IR response

NSMA Appendices to PR#98 with index. Tab 2: Letter from Canada to NSMA (16.08.2013); Tab 3: Letter from NSMA to Canada and GNWT (10.02.2014); Tab 4: Correspondence btwn NSMA and GNWT re caribou.

0.7 MBNSMA ltr MVEIRB: Oct 28 IR Responses

NSMA response to Review Board's Oct. 28 Information Requests.

1 MBTlicho and Community Government of Whati: Oct. 28 IR response

Response to the Review Board's October 28, 2016 Information request responses to the Tlicho Government and Community Government of What.

2 MBTlicho Gov't response to Oct. 28 Board IR to Aboriginal groups and resource managers

Tlicho Government response to Review Board October 28, 2016 information request responses to Aboriginal Government Organizations and Resource Managers.

0.3 MBTlicho letter to MVEIRB: supporting letter to Board IR response

Letter from the Tlicho Government outlining the depth and strength of research,d etail and analyis taken in response to the October 28, 2016 Board information requests.

0.2 MBMVEIRB response to GNWT_Clarification TO and AS_19.12.2016

Review Board staff response to PR#85 confirming discussion points from a December 2nd, 2016 meeting with GNWT staff reviewing instructions on the GNWT's Adequacy Statement Response.

0.4 MBWRRB response to Oct. 28 Review Board Information Request

Response by WRRB to Review Board's Oct. 28 Information Request regarding potential aboriginal fisheries in the vicintiy of the all-season road and their potential impact from project activities.

2 MBWRRB_DFO Report on North Slave fish harvests and stocks_Stewart_1997

1997 DFO report by D.B. Stewart: "A review of the status and harvests of fish stocks in the North Slave area, Northwest Territories". Submitted by WRRB for Oct. 28 IR response.

2 MBGNWT-DAAIR letter to NSMA: Update of Strength of Claim Results

Updated response time on the GNWT's written preliminary assessment of NSMA members' Aboriginal rights claim in the NWT - new timeline for early 2017.

0.1 MBNote to File - Meeting with GNWT and Board staff_02.12.16

GNWT and Review Board staff meeting with GNWT consultants Dec 2, 2016, to clarify items from the Terms of Reference and Adequacy Statement and ensure intent is understood when preparing the response.

0.5 MBGNWT letter to MVEIRB _Clarification of Terms of Reference and Adequacy Statement

Letter from GNWT to Review Board seeking clarification on EA1617-01 requirements from the ToR and AS based on a staff meeting held December 2, 2016.

0.1 MBWRRB request for party status EA1617-01

Complete party status application form from the WRRB to the Review Board for EA1617-01, the Tlicho All-season Road.

0.1 MBNotice of proceeding - request for extension to respond to information requests

Review Board proceeding in response to a request for extension regarding the information requests issued by the Review Board on October 28, 2016.

0.05 MBNSMA letter to MVRB - TASR - time extension request

Letter from NSMA to MVRB requesting additional time to prepare responses to information requests.

0.04 MBNSMA letter to GNWT - NSMA Strength of Claim Assessment

NSMA letter to GNWT (copied to Review Board). Regarding: North Slave Metis Alliance - Preliminary Assessment of Strength of Claim. GNWT written submission anticipated by NSMA in mid-December.

0.2 MBMVEIRB Note to File - EA1617-01 Party Status Application Invite

MVEIRB Note to File to Distribution List inviting organizations and individuals interested in EA1617-01 to apply for party status with the Review Board. December 21, 2016 application deadline.

2 MBGNWT - Draft Mackenzie Bison Mgt Plan

Mackenzie Bison Management Plan - Draft Version 7. Submitted by the GNWT in response to Adequacy Review ORS comments (PR#76 WRRB#2). Plan developed by the Mackenzie Bison Working Group, July 2016.

2 MBGNWT - Draft NWT Boreal Caribou Recovery Strategy

Draft Recovery strategy for the Boreal Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in the NWT (June 3, 2016). Submitted by the GNWT in response to Adequacy Review ORS comments (PR#76 WRRB#2).

0.3 MBORS Comment Table Oct 31 final with errata

This is an updated ORS comment table including errata,

0.1 MBWRRB email to MVEIRB clarifying ORS#2 comment and availability of Bison Management Plan

WRRB email to MVEIRB - clarification that GNWT-ENR has latest version of draft Bison Management Plan and not WRRB. MVEIRB recommended to contact GNWT-ENR for copy.

0.5 MBComment and response table for draft Terms of Reference and draft Adequacy Statement

Microsft Word table from the Online Review System, with public and proponent comments, proponent responses and Review Board responses re. the draft Terms of Reference and draft Adequacy Statement.

0.2 MBBoard Information Requests to Aboriginal groups

This document clontains information requests from thye Review Board to Aboriginal Groups.

0.2 MBBoard Information Requests to the Community Government of Whati and Tlicho Government

This document contains information requests to Tlicho Government and Community Government of Whati.

0.2 MBDraft work plan

The Review Board's draft Work Plan for the Tlicho All-season Road Project

0.4 MBMVEIRB Adequacy Statement for TASR, EA1617-01

The Review Board's final Adequacy Statement on outstanding information needs to saitsfy the ToR for the Tlicho All-season Road Project, EA1617-01 (version 2: corrected reference links in section 4).

0.2 MBNotice of proceeding - Terms of Reference and supporting documents

Notice of Proceeding - Issuance of Review Board's Terms of Reference, Adequacy Statement and supporting documents for the Tlicho All-season Road Project

0.4 MBReasons for Decision for scope of EA and adequacy statement

This is the Reasons for Decision for the scope of environmental assessment and adequacy statement for the Tlicho All-season Road.

0.6 MBTerms of Reference

The Review Board's final Terms of Reference for the Tlicho All-season Road Project

0.1 MBNote to File - GNWT TASR flight route video available online

A flyover video of the Tlicho All-season road, flown September 1 2016, is available for viewing on the Tlicho Government website at

0.5 MBNotice of Proceeding - Board member recused from TASR EA and all GNWT development proposals (with attachments)

This notice of proceeding informs parties and the public of Board member Yvonne Doolittle's recusal from participation in the TASR EA and all EA project files where the GNWT is a proponent

1 MBGNWT and NSMA letter and email correspondence

A chain of correspondence about engagement. consultation and concerns not specific to the Tlicho All-season Road

1 MBGNWT letter to NSMA - NSMA strength of claim preliminary assessment

Letter from GNWT to NSMA providing an update on GNWT's preliminary assessment of NSMA members' asserted Aboriginal rights claim in the NWT, intention to meet, and encouragement of TASR participation.

0.05 MBGNWT reference - forced growth

The Government of Northwest Territories- Department of Transportation submission from the Financial Administration Manual defining forced growth.

0.7 MBGNWT submission on protocol for review of water crossings

Protocol for the Review of Water Crossings Proposed Through the Forest Management Planning Process

0.05 MBGNWT-DOT letter - proponent responses to to public comments on the Terms of Reference and Adequacy Statement

Letter from the Government of Northwest Territories - Department of Transporation outlining their reponse package to comments from parties on the draft Terms of Reference and draft Adequacy Statement

0.5 MBPosition statement on water crossings

A memorandum letter from Fisheries and Oceans reviewing the review and approval of water crossing projects under the Fisheries Act.

0.1 MBCopy of email DGGFN to GNWT - Assertion of Treaty Rights in Project area

Email from Chief Joachim Bonnetrouge to GNWT asserting section 35 Rights and Treaty 11 interests in the region of the TASR project, and expression of support for a full enviornmental assessment.

0.2 MBCopy of email response GNWT to DGGFN - asserted Treaty Rights in Project area

GNWT email response to Deh Gah Got'ie First Nation Oct. 7 email asserting rights and interests in the TASR project area. Referenced letter attchment has been added as a separate public registry item.

0.9 MBGNWT letter to DGGFN - Assertion of Rights in TASR Project Area

GNWT letter response to Deh Gah Got'ie First Nation regarding their assertion of Rights and interests in the TASR project area. The letter encourages and provides instructions on EA participation.

0.2 MBNote to file - notice of late submission to the Review Board

Communication between Board staff, Yellowknifves Dene First Nation and the developer regarding a request for late comments be accepted to the public registry, 1 day after the due date.

0.6 MBGNWT letter to Dehcho First Nations - TASR Sec 35 Consultation

Letter from GNWT to the respective Chiefs in the Deh Cho region informing them of the TASR project and the GNWT's duty to consult for any s.35 Rights that might be affected by the Project.

0.06 MBNSMA letter to MVEIRB - comments from review of draft ToR and draft Adequacy Statement

Letter to Review Board outlining NSMA's views on the draft Terms of Reference and draft Adequacy document for the TASR EA.

0.1 MBNote to File - GNWT TASR updated Sept 1 2016 flyover video

Notification of an updated video submitted by the GNWT of the proposed TASR alignment, taken September 1, 2016. Instructions on how to view the video are included.

5 MBGNWT consultation letters notifying Aboriginal groups of the Tlicho All-Season Road EA

GNWT consultation letters notifying Aboriginal groups of EA1617-01, the Tlicho All-Season Road, and request for identification of any asserted Aboriginal rights affected by the project.

0.08 MBGNWT email to NSMA confirming receipt of October 7 letter and intent to respond.

GNWT email to NSMA confirming receipt of their October 7, 2016, letter, with GNWT's intent to respond in the coming week.

0.04 MBGNWT letter re: TASR updated September 1, 2016 flyover video

GNWT letter describing an updated flyover video of the TASR alignment, flown September 1, 2016. The purpose of the video is to illustrate the disturbance and use along the alignment.

0.1 MBNote to File - Meeting with GNWT-DoT and Board Staff_7_Oct_2016

Note to File summarizing a meeting with GNWT-DoT, Board Staff, and representatives from the Tlicho Governmen, October 7, 2016. The meeting purpose was to clarify aspects of the Adequacy Statement.

0.06 MBNSMA letter to GNWT requesting engagement on TASR and recreational land use

Letter from NSMA requesting a meeting a meeting with the GNWT to discuss their members' Aboriginal rights as Metis with respect to the proposed Tlicho All-season Road and the Draft Recreational Land Management Framework.

0.2 MBEA1617-01 - Review Board letter to Tlicho Government RE responsibilities under Tlicho Agreement and MVRMA - Sep 23_16

Review Board responsibilities under section 127.1 of the MVRMA, in response to the August 17, 2016 letter from the Tlicho Government (PR#13).

0.4 MBEA1617-01_TASR draft Adequacy Statement_for public review (corrected)

EA1617-01 TASR draft Adequacy Statement for public review, as per Step 3 of the September 19, 2016 Notice of Proceeding (PR#44) (formatting corrected)

0.3 MBNote to File -Review instructions for dToR and Adequacy Statement - Sept 23, 2016

Review instructions for the draft Terms of Reference and the draft Adequacy Statement. Public comments are due October 13, 2016. Comments from the developer are due October 20, 2016.

1 MBTASR EA1617-01 draft Terms of Reference_DRAFT for public review

EA1617-01 TASR draft Terms of Reference for public review, as per Step 3 of the September 19, 2016 Notice of Proceeding (PR#44) for the Review Board's approach to the Terms of Reference.

0.5 MBNotice of proceeding - Review Board's Approach to the Terms of Reference

Notice of proceeding advising the developer and interested parties of the next steps in developing a terms of reference and work plan for the TASR Project

0.2 MBHyperlinks to GNWT-DOT TASR Project Description Report with Appendices

This reference document provides a single point of contact for links to the developers Project Description Report and Appendices in order as they appear in the hard copy.

8 MBTlicho and Whati Government Commitment Presentation

Presentation from the 2016 Inter-agency meeting updating the progress of commitments to programs and plans regarding preparation for a proposed all-season road.

0.2 MB2015-2016 Strategic Planning Details

Community Government of Whati's strategic planning details including steps for implementation of strategies

0.6 MB2016-05-04 Inter-agency Meeting Summary

Summary of the May 2016 Inter-agency Meeting that followed up on implementation plans for the Tlicho All-season Road

0.1 MBSARA Receipt Letter to MVEIRB

Acknowledgement of receipt of a notification pursuant to SS. 79(1) of the Species at Risk Act

0.5 MBNote to File -Document Submission Standards Reminder

Reminder to submit documents according to the Board's Document Submission Standards. This will help all parties and the developer review information in a more consistent and efficient manner.

0.9 MBSummary of Technical Scoping Session in Yellowknife

This is a summary of the issues scoping meeting in Yellowknife August 24, 2016.

0.1 MBNote to File - GNWT TASR flight route video - October 7

A flight video is available for viewing at the Review Board office or GNWT-DOT office. A solution to view the videos online is being developed and an update will be provided once finalized.

0.4 MBFire disturbance to caribou habitat time horizons_an ECCC rationale

Response from ECCC to MVEIRB from a question during the technical scoping session (Aug 24, 2016) on why 40 years is the accepted amount of time following a fire for caribou habitat to return.

0.2 MBReview Board letter to GNWT RE crown consultation during EA ...

Review Board letter to GNWT regarding crown consultation with the NSMA during the TASR EA

1 MBSummary of Community Scoping Session in Whati

Summary report from the Tlicho All-season Road community scoping session in Whati.

0.04 MBUpdated Yellowknife Scoping Meeting Agenda

This document contains a LOCATION UPDATE for the Yellowknife Scoping Session taking place on August 24, 2016.

2 MBGNWT Whati Scoping Presentation

PowerPoint presentation delivered by the Government of Northwest Territories at the community scoping session in Whati.

3 MBMVEIRB Whati Scoping Presentation

PowerPoint presentation delivered by the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board at the community scoping session in Whati.

0.1 MBNPMO Letters to Indigenous Groups Re TASR EA

Several letters from NPMO to aboriginal groups encouraging participation in the TASR environmental assessment

0.3 MBTG participation in the TASR environmental assessment

This letter clarifies the Tlicho Government's participation in the TASR environmental assessment

0.7 MBGNWT participation in the TASR environmental assessment

This is a letter from GNWT advising MVRB on how the GNWT departments will participate during the TASR EA.

0.4 MBNote to File - EA update meeting with GNWT-DOT and Board Staff

Review Board staff met with GNWT-Department of Transportation staff to introduce a new staff member and provide a brief EA update.

0.7 MBDistribution list subscription request and instructions

Request for interested parties to subscribe to the EA1617-01 TASR email distribution list, with instructions on how to do so.

0.4 MBNotice of proceeding - scoping meetings in Whati and Yellowknife

This notice of proceeding announces a community issues scoping meeting in Whati August 18 and a techcnial issues scoping meeting in Yellowknife August 24.

0.2 MBEA referral notification letter - MVEIRB to GNWT-DoT - Tlicho All Season Road

This is the notification letter regarding referral of the Tlicho All Season Road to environmental assessment.

0.4 MBReasons for Decision - Tlicho All Season Road EA referral

This document is the Review Board's Reasons for Decision to self-refer the Tlicho All Season Road Project to environmental assessment.

0.04 MBAppendix A - Access to Tlicho Lands GNWT/TG Joint Letter March 2016

Appendix A to the Project Description Report. Joint letter to acknowledge access through an agreement between the Tlicho Government and the Government of the Northwest Territories.

0.06 MBAppendix AA - draft In-Field Water Analysis Plan

Description of water sampling procedure at SNP sites.

4 MBAppendix B - A Socio-Economic Issues Scoping Study for a Potential All-Weather Road to Whati, Tlicho Region

Scoping study of potential social, economic and cultural benefits and risks of a proposed all-weather road in the community of Whati.

7 MBAppendix BB - 11 x 17 Figures of TASR road routes

TASR figures including road alignment, road cross section, alternative routes, borrow areas, surficial geology. soils, ecozones, burn areas and land uses.

0.6 MBAppendix C - Nichols Economic Evaluation of the Tlicho Road March 2015

An economic cost benefit analysis quantifying community and industry costs and benefits associated with the Tlicho All-season Road project.

0.05 MBAppendix D - Motion 2015-018

Tlicho Government and Community Government of Whati Commitments.

2 MBAppendix E - Engagement Plan and Record (Introduction)

Introduction to Appendix E of the Project Description Report, including affected parties, engagement goals and methods, engagement plan, and engagement summary and log templates.

0.3 MBAppendix E - Engagement Record (Log)

Log of engagement activitied undertaken by the GNWT - DoT.

106 MBAppendix E - Engagement Record (Summary)

Engagement summaries, archival information and other engagement records referenced in the Project Description Report.

0.1 MBAppendix F - Tlicho Grand Chief to DOT Minister letter May 1 2013

A letter from Tlicho Grand Chief Eddie Erasmus to the Minister of DOT regarding collaboration with DOT on preparing studies for an application for an all-season road

7 MBAppendix G - 1 to 2500 Map book of proposed TASR corridor

A map and route plan and profile (by route section) prepared by DOT of the proposed all-season road to Whati

12 MBAppendix H - TASR Photo Presentation - Conditions along route in June 2014

Powerpoint photo presentation of existing conditions along the proposed all-season road route

3 MBAppendix I - Major Bridge and Culvert Conceptual Designs 2016

Conceptual designs of the major bridge and culverts along the all-season road, prepared by GNWT-DOT

0.06 MBAppendix J - Granular and Bedrock Prospects along Proposed TASR 2015

Table characterizing granular and bedrock features (with recommendations for future work) by section along the all-season road

1 MBAppendix K - draft Quarry Operations Plan

Draft Quarry operations plan, prepared by GNWT-DOT

1 MBAppendix L - draft Spill Contingency Plan

Draft Spill Contingency Plan

1 MBAppendix M - draft Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Protection Plan

Draft Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Protection Plan

0.8 MBAppendix N - draft Waste Management Plan

Draft Waste Management Plan (WMP)

0.1 MBAppendix O - Landfill Authorizations from Whati and Behchoko

Email correspondance confirming that the community of Whati will permit refuse from construction camps in the Whati landfill

11 MBAppendix P - Kavik AXYS Terrain Alignment Sheets Route A 2008

All-season road alignment map and images prepared by Kavik-Stantec for GNWT-DOT

1 MBAppendix Q - 2014 DOT Ground truthing observations and photos

Field survey photos from argo trip along the proposed all-season route in June 2014, including summary table and cooridinates of observations

54 MBAppendix R - Stantec Tli Cho Road Alignment Hydrologic and Hydraulic Study 2014

Hydrologic and hydraulic study prepared by Stantec for GNWT-DOT

7 MBAppendix S - Stantec Hydrotechnical Progress Report August 2014

Hydrological study progress report prepared by Stantec for the GNWT-DOT

0.6 MBAppendix T - Fisheries Protection Self-Assessment Serious Harm Impacts Determination Record February 2016

DFO fisheries protection self-assessment record, prepared by GNWT-DOT

13 MBAppendix U - Stantec Archaeological Impact Assessment Report August 2014

Archaeological impact assessment (AIA) prepared by Stantec for GNWT-DOT in 2014

7 MBAppendix V - Whati Micro-Economic Analysis of the All-Season Road March 2015

Micro-economic analysis of the all-season road prepared by the Community Government of Whati in 2015

11 MBAppendix W - DOT Erosion and Sediment Control Manual January 2013

Erosion and sediment control manual (GNWT-DOT)

2 MBAppendix X - draft Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Plan

Draft fish and fish habitat protection plan (FFHPP)

2 MBAppendix Y - Archaeological Site Chance Find Protocol

Archaeological site chance find protocol (GNWT-DOT)

0.5 MBAppendix Z - draft Emergency Response Plan

Draft emergency response plan (ERP) for construction of the all-season road, prepared by the GNWT

0.3 MBDraft TASR LUP and Terms and Conditions

Wek'eezhii Land and Water Board draft land use permit and terms and conditions for the Tlicho All-season Road.

0.2 MBLand Use Permit and Water Licence Application Form

Completed WLWB application form.

8 MBPreliminary Screening - WLWB ORS Review Summary Table and Attachments

This document contains preliminary screening material from the WLWB and is a compilation of the ORS table of comments and responses as well as attached documents from reviewers and the developer..

6 MBTraditional Knowledge Study Report - May 16_16

Traditional Knowledge study for the proposed Whati all-season road, prepared by the Tlicho Government in 2014

0.09 MBWLWB Application Cover Letter

Developer's covering letter for WLWB application.