Mackenzie Valley Review Board

Tlicho All Season Road - EA-1617-01 [2016]

Document List (See all): Information requests

2 MBSummary of the technical review session of the developer's adequacy statement response

On May 17, 2017 the developer hosted a technical review session of the Adequacy Statement Response. This document contains the meeting minutes and the developer's presentation.

0.3 MBNotice of Proceeding - extension request for submitting the first round information

The WRRB requested an extension for submitting its first round of information requests untill June 2, 2017. The Review Board grants this extension.

0.1 MBTlicho Government letter regarding first round information requests

A letter from the Tlicho Government to the Review Board regarding the first round of information requests. The Tlicho Government has no information requests.

0.6 MBNSMA Request for Funding

A letter from the GNWT to the NSMA granting funding for a traditional knowledge study related to the Tlicho All-Season Road Environmental Assessment.

0.3 MBDeveloper cover letter for updated concordance table

This is a cover letter for the updated concordance letter.

0.3 MBupdated concordance table, appendix A

This is an updated concordance table for the Developer's Adequacy Statement Response.

0.2 MBNotice of proceeding - information requests

This notice of procedding provides direction on the first round of information requests.

0.2 MBUpdated workplan

Updated workplan including dates for the next phase of EA.

0.07 MBECCC letter to MVEIRB - COSEWIC status of barren-ground caribou

To assist the Board and parties in the assessment of barren-ground caribou

0.05 MBFederal letter to MVEIRB - information request response

Nothern Project Management Office provides an information request response regarding fish harvesting within the scope of the TASR project

202 MBNSMA Appendix (1 of 2) -TAB 1 with Index_Oct 28 IR response

NSMA Appendices to PR#98 with index. Tab 1: Documents filed with Supreme Court of NWT for Enge v. Mandeville, 2013 NWTSC 33. Refer to PR#98 for sections relevant to EA1617-01.

6 MBNSMA Appendix (2 of 2) - Tabs 2,3 and 4_Oct 28 IR response

NSMA Appendices to PR#98 with index. Tab 2: Letter from Canada to NSMA (16.08.2013); Tab 3: Letter from NSMA to Canada and GNWT (10.02.2014); Tab 4: Correspondence btwn NSMA and GNWT re caribou.

0.7 MBNSMA ltr MVEIRB: Oct 28 IR Responses

NSMA response to Review Board's Oct. 28 Information Requests.

0.4 MBWRRB response to Oct. 28 Review Board Information Request

Response by WRRB to Review Board's Oct. 28 Information Request regarding potential aboriginal fisheries in the vicintiy of the all-season road and their potential impact from project activities.

2 MBWRRB_DFO Report on North Slave fish harvests and stocks_Stewart_1997

1997 DFO report by D.B. Stewart: "A review of the status and harvests of fish stocks in the North Slave area, Northwest Territories". Submitted by WRRB for Oct. 28 IR response.

0.1 MBNotice of proceeding - request for extension to respond to information requests

Review Board proceeding in response to a request for extension regarding the information requests issued by the Review Board on October 28, 2016.

0.05 MBNSMA letter to MVRB - TASR - time extension request

Letter from NSMA to MVRB requesting additional time to prepare responses to information requests.