Mackenzie Valley Review Board

Tlicho All Season Road - EA-1617-01 [2016]

Document List (See all): Technical reports

0.1 MBWRRB-GNWT Meeting Report

Meeting report between the GNWT and WRRB to discuss the WRRBs request for extension for their Technical report. Meeting occurred September 11, 2017. 

1 MBExplosives Regulations, 2013

Government of Canada explosives regulations, 2013.

0.09 MBMeeting report - GNWT, NRCan, and NPMO

A meeting report for a meeting between Government of Northwest Territories, Natural Resources Canada, and the Northern Projects Management Office related to the storage and use of explosive for EA1617-01.

0.3 MBNRCan Guidelines for Bulk Explosives Facilities

Natural Resources Canada guidelines for bulk explosives facilities minimum requirements, February 2014.

0.8 MBPresentation for the technical report preparation meeting

Presentation for the technical report preparation meeting on September 14, 2017.

0.2 MBNote to file - Technical report preparation meeting

Note to file on the technical report preparation meeting, which will be held at the Review Board office at 10:30am on Thursday, September 14, 2017. Includes tips for preparing a technical report.

8 MBBoreal caribou habitat and disturbance in the Wek’èezhìi, 2013

A document submitted by the WRRB on Boreal caribou habitat and disturbance in the Wek’èezhìi from 2013

67 MBCaribou migration and the state of their habitat

A document submitted by the WRRB.

0.03 MBNSMA party status application

The North Slave Metis Alliance's party status application form.

6 MBOverview - Boreal caribou habitat and habitat use in the Wek’èezhìi, 2012

A document submitted by the WRRB regardign boreal caribou habitat and habitat use in the Wek’èezhìi.

0.2 MBQuestions from the WRRB to the Developer.

Questions from the WRRB to the developer regarding fish, wildlife and Tlicho Knowledge.

1 MBThe developer's response to ECCC bird data

This is the developer's response to ECCC IR#9 which asked the developer to consider recent data collected by ECCC on birds along highway 3.  

0.2 MBNotice of proceeding - next steps

This notice of proceeding outlines the next steps in the EA process.  This includes a pre-techinical report meeting, a pre-hearing conference, a community hearing, and technical hearings.

0.4 MBNote file - meeting with WRRB and the Review Board

The Review Board met with the WRRB to discuss technical reports and public hearing process steps.

0.04 MBYKDFN request for Party status

A completed application form for Party status from the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.

0.2 MBWRRB extension request for submitting its technical report

A letter from the WRRB requesting an extension for submitting its technical report.


Geotechnical report from the 2017 winter geotechnical program.

0.2 MBWek’èezhìi Renewable Resources Board letter regarding review of the WMMP

A letter from the Wek’èezhìi  Renewable Resources Board regarding the review of the updated Wildlife Management and Migitation Plan.