Interview requests

If you are looking for information or would like to set up an interview, please call the Administrative Assistant at the Review Board. To contact the Administrative Assistant, please visit the contact page.

Because of the quasi-judicial nature of the Review Board, there are certain limitations as to what the Chairperson and staff can speak about. For ongoing environmental assessments, you will only be able to interview Review Board staff. The Chairperson and Board Members are not permitted to comment on matters before the board. Further, the staff member designated as the spokesperson for a particular file will comment on the assessment process only.

Review Board decisions, submissions made by other parties or any other evidence must speak for itself. The staff cannot provide interpretation or explanations of any information that is on the public record. All the evidence is available on the Review Board's website. If you would like to gain a better understand of the information on the public record, please contact the groups or individuals or outside expert who submitted the particular document.

For environmental assessments where the Review Board has issued its Report of Environmental Assessment and Reasons for Decision the Chairperson is normally available for comment. The Chairperson can provide an overview of the decision, however the decision document again must speak for itself and the Chairperson will not be able to provide further interpretation of the document.

You are encouraged to speak to the individuals or groups involved in the assessment for their perspectives on the decision. It is advisable to make sure they have had a chance to read the document before soliciting their comments.