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A document from the Review Board stating its reasons to cancel the environmental assessment.

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A letter from the Review Board notifying the developer that the environmental assessment is cancelled.

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A letter from the Sahtu Land and Board stating that Imperial's application for the Waste Management Facility has been withdrawn and the Water Licence is closed.

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A letter from the Canadian Energy Regulator stating that the public hearings for the CER process are cancelled.

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The developer has requested that the Review Board cancel the Environmental Assessment. The Developer provided a letter to the Mackenzie Valley Review Board stating that the application submitted to the Sahtu Land and Water Board for the Waste Management Facility has been withdrawn.

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Letter from Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada to the Review Board about participant funding allocations under the Northern Participant Funding Program.

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The Board's Reason for Decision on a Request for Ruling by Imperial, requesting adjournment of the environmental assessment (EA). The Board has granted the requested adjournment and the EA is adjourned until October 12, 2022. All procedural deadlines are also extended for a period of two months.

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Procedural update from Canada Energy Regulator - Completeness Determination and Procedural Update No. 1 including Notice of Comment Process

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Letter request from Imperial Oil to the Review Board, asking for a ruling on a 2 month adjournment

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The GNWT's response letter to the Board describes their roles and responsibilities in the EA process and the Canada Energy Regulator's (CER's) review of the WMF. Key contacts are also provided.

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The deadline for Northern Participant Funding Program applications for participants in the Imperial Oil Resources Ltd. Waste Management Facility EA has been extended to Friday July 29, 2022. Please direct inquiries to aidefinanciereparticipants-participantfunding@rcaanc-cirnac.gc.ca .

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Part 1 includes a Plain Language Summary