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Letter from the department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada notifying MVEIRB of their receipt of the Report of Environmental Assessment and that they are reviewing it.

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Letter from the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee regarding the Report of Environmental Assessment and CARC's suggestions and recommendations.

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Letter forwards an email to the distribution list which includes information to be noted at the upcoming Public Hearing on Jaunary 27 and 28, 2004.

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Letter from the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board attaches the Work Plan Timeline for the Licensing and Permitting of the De Beers Canada Mining Inc., Snap Lake Diamond Mine Project.

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Letter notifies parties that the draft water license cannot be sent out as outlined in the work plan.

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Letter forwards the draft Land Use Permit for the De Beers Canada Mining Inc. Snap Lake Diamond Project to the distribution list for comment.

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Issuance of a Type A LUP - MV2001C0012 - issuance letter of above license to De Beers.

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Letter from the Minister of the department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development regarding the signing of the Socio-Economic and Environmental Agreements with De Beers.

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Letter regarding De Beers' letter of December 1, 2003 commenting on the MVEIRB's Snap Lake Environmental Assessment Report and, its recommendation to standardize environmental agreement processes for future mines.