Fortune Minerals Meridian Lake - EA0405-003

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Letter advises that the proposed work will impact fish populations at and near the development area.

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Letter provides advice from both Environment Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Society regarding potential impacts of the proposed development at Meridian Lake, NWT

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The preliminary screening report and subsequent referral to environmental assessment by the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board of the proposed Mineral Exploration at Meridian Lake by Fortune Minerals. Project was referred due to potential conflicts wi

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Letter expresses the high likelihood of significant archaeological sites within the development area.

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Fortune Minerals response to their incomplete land use permit. This file also includes their proposed Oil and Hazardous Material Spill Contingence Plan.

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Letter from Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board accepting Fortune Minerals completed application for a land use permit and informing them about the review process.

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Cover letter of Fortuen Minerals land use application, sent by the mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board to all reviewing parties.