Drybones Bay mineral exploration - EA03-004

Document List - Developer's Assessment Report/Environmental Impact Statement

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MVEIRB confirmation that they have received the DAR

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Submission of New Shoshoni DAR

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Revisions to the NSV DAR

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The NSV DAR is now open for comments by all parties. The deadline for comments is September 2, 2003.

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DFO provides is comments on the DAR's for all proposed developments in the Drybone/Wool Bay ares.

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Review and Comments prepared by the YKDFN on the NSV, CGV and NAGRC Developers Assessment Reports.

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INAC and RWED comments on the above mentioned DAR's.

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NSMA comments on the DAR's in the Drybones/Wool Bay area.

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NSV and CGV response to comments on the DAR by DFO.

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RWED comments on the DAR for NSV

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MVEIRB response to YKDFN's request for ruling on the above matters.