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There will be a public hearing in Yellowknife on October 11 & 12 to discuss exploration in the Drybones/Wool Bay area. There will be a pre-hearing conference on Sept 22/23.

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The hearing will be on October 9/10.

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The developer requests that the hearing date be moved to October 2/3.

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Pre-Hearing Conference Guide and Worksheet.

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Pre-hearing will now be on November 4, 2003 and the public hearing will be held on November 18/19, 2003

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Announcement of pre-hearing conference and public hearing.

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Information about public hearings and rules regarding third party representation.

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Pre-Hearing Conference Worksheet

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Environment Canada's completed pre-hearing conference worksheet

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DKFN will be represented by Diane Giroux at the public hearing.

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Deadline for pre-hearing conference worksheets and the developers responses to the submissions.

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NSV's completed per-hearing conference worksheet

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INAC's completed per-hearing conference worksheet

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DFO's completed per-hearing conference worksheet.

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NSMA will be unable to make the deadline for pre-hearing conference worksheets.

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Corrections to DFO's per-hearing conference worksheet

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RWED's completed pre-hearing conference worksheet

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Gartner Lee Ltd.'s Presentation for the Public Hearing

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NSV Presentation for the Public Hearing

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Laurie Stevenson and Max Braden will be representing NSV at the public hearing.

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Submissions from Susan Weaver and Greg Robertson.

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RWED and DFO submissions.

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INAC will be participating in the hearing as an observer only.

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NSMA presentation.

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Credentials of YKDFN experts.

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Draft agenda for joint public hearing.

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LKDFN presentation and list of representatives for the joint public hearing.

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Update on Elders session and revised agenda for the public hearing.

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Revised Draft Hearing Agenda

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Notice to all parties that public hearing transcripts are available online and where to find them.

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This file is too large to place on the public registry. For a copy of the presentation contact us directly.

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Susan Weaver's submissions for the public hearing.