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For Paramount Resources' natural gas exploratory drill program east of Fort Liard, Dehcho region.

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Submitted by Golder Associates, this is a CD file please contact our offices for more information. This is a large file and is available from the MVEIRB office upon request

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Re: wells that are applied for within an area but that do not have specific coordinates.

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By Golder Associates. This is a CD file, please contact our offices for more information.

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The Review Board declined legal counsel's comments on Paramount's Responses to the K'a'Gee Tu's submissions on the Drilling Project.

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Paramountƒ_Ts application for a land use permit and water license.

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Fort Providence MActis Council would like to know why they havenƒ_Tt been added to the distribution list for the Cameron Hills LUP and WL application.

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The Town of Hay River has no comments or concerns for the above mentioned applications.

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The West Point First Nation do not believe that they have been properly consulted regarding the proposed Cameron Hills project.

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DFO Comments on Paramount's WL and LUP Applications for the Cameron Hills

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The Katlodeeche would like to inform you that we will not be able to respond to the Paramount application before the deadline. The KFN request an extension.

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Stanton Regional Health Board's comments on Paramount's application of a land use permit and water license.

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The Dene Nation supports the communitiesƒ_T requests for and extension to the deadline for comments.

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Deh Gah Got'ie Dene Council and the Ft. Providence Resource Management Board would like to request a two week extension.

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Ka'A'Gee Tu First Nation's response to Paramount's application for a land use permit and water license.

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Ft. Providence Metis Council's comments and concerns regarding Paramountƒ_Ts water license and land use application application.

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K'atlodeeche would like the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board to refer the proposed application to environmental assessment.

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attached are INAC inspectors recommended land use operating conditions and narrative for the proposed project.

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After review the MVLWB recommends that the operation will not have significant environmental impact and that a Land Use Permit and Water Licence be issued for 5 year period.

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Comprised of the following First Nation organizations: West Point First Natio, KatlOdeeche, Deh Gah Gotie Dene and Fort Providence Metis Council

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The Panel Meeting of November 9, 2000 raised concerns with Panel members - included are specific reasons for decision - and a decision was made to refer application to an EA

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Also includes update that Paramount does not have a permit application before MVLWB for gathering facilities and a pipeline project.

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Prepared by Arc Inc. Consultants

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granted by INAC and permit covers the access road from the border to the well site only. From January 15, 1999 to January 14, 2001.

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To authorize additional access request in later dated November 26, 1999.

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Amendment granted in response to Paramount request for access to Wellsite B-25 as stated in letter of February 4, 2000.

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Sent out for comments to be used in the evaluation and Preliminary Screening of this application.

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Requesting 1 year extension from January 14, 2001 permit expiry date.

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as expert advisors and not as a Responsible Minister

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Screenings pre-date CEAA.

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Posed project questions and indication of no community consultation with Paramount.

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Request for permit changes for removal in application of references to access and existing surface leases.

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For oil and gas exploration in Cameron Hills area, Northwest Territories.

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Sent out to inform all stakeholders of progress and present status on the project.

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Comment that MVEIRB deadline of January 5th to receive comments is unreasonable given that most parties are away over the holidays, due to this their comments will be late.

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Request to amend final version concerning references to requiring access to existing well sites.

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MVEIRB additionally requests that Paramount provide a letter to include in the final Workplan and TOR, 10 possible future wells.

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Specifically removal of the 4th bullet in Section 2 of the Draft Workplan and 2nd bullet in section 2.1 of the Draft TOR.

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The removal of references to existing wells for the Cameron Hills project is valid since the wells are covered under existing Land Use Permits and therefore not required as part of the current LUP application.

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To add statement including the possibility of drilling in 10 future wells.

sent out to stakeholders

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EC does not agree that inclusion of 10 possible future wells should be included in final terms since information is lacking.

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The amendment request was approved subject to further consideration in the cumulative impacts section of the Cameron Hills EA.

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Prepared by Golder Associates Ltd. The bound document is too large to scan, to view the document please contact our offices.

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NEB has no concerns with Paramount's request

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Request to hold decision until the traditional knowledge study is completed by Paramount and only until after Ka'a'Gee Tu have critiqued and identified gaps in the study.

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Explanation of why they forwarded correspondence between the first nations group and MVLWB

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MVEIRB's Report of Environmental Assessment for the Cameron Hills Exploratory Drilling Project

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Past correspondence between KTFN and the MVLWB of legal notification to MWLWB to provide sufficient notice of their position.

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NEB responds to Paramounts response to NEB Information Request No. 7.1, dated December 2001 in which the company provides an update on the status of consultations with First Nations and the Ft. Providence Metis Nation.

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Where the first nations group remains concerned about the impacts of the development and considers Paramounts consultation efforts inadequate.

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The Board requires Paramounts response to the August 21, 2001 Mandell Pinder Barristors and Solicitors (on behalf of K'a'aGee Tu First Nation) letter submitted to the Board.

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This document is in response to MVEIRB's previous request for clarification on DIAND's submitted technical submission. Several maps accompany this document that cannot be scanned. For further information please contact our offices.

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on the Technical Review submitted by Paramount Resources on the Cameron Hills Drilling Project.

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Responded to IR's from Department of Education, Culture and Employment - GNWT, Mandell Pinder Barristers & Solicitors, and Environment Canada

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Representing the Ka'a'Tu Gee First nation - provided information requests and notification of inadequate consultation efforts by Paramount.

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in response to the MVEIRB issued request for IR's and Technical analysis comments .

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Where NEB requests additional information in the attached Information Request.