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Audio recordings of the Public Hearing for Consolidated Gold Win Ventures's and Sidon International Resources Corp's mineral exploration programs are available from the Review Board. Due to the number of files and the size of the files, they are not available on the MVEIRB website. To request the audio files, please contact the the Review Board.

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YKDFN Presentation Summary

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This is the text of the public service announcement for the Sidon assessment hearing. (Hearing was later cancelled)

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Letter gives new dates for the prehearing conference, technical session and community hearing for the Consolidated Goldwin & Sidon Environmental Assessments.

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YKDFN response to draft work plan and proposed dates for hearing and pre-hearing conference.

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Notification of hearing date for the Consolidated GoldWin Ventures EA

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Notification from MVEIRB concerning the establishment of March 14, 2007 at the date for the pre-hearing of this environmental assessment.

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Package containing information that persons intending to participate in the Pre-Hearing Conference should review.

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Notes from the Pre-Hearing Conference held on Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 on the environmental assessments of Consolidated Gold Win Ventures and Sidon International's mineral exploration programs.

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A notice of correction, from Garry Bailey of the Fort Resolution Metis Council, concerning the meeting notes prepared for the Pre-Hearing Conference for CGV and Sidon EAs. The notes have been changes to reflect the corrections.

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Emails regarding DFO participation at CGV/Sidon Hearing

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Email notifying the Review Board that Environment Canada will make a presentation at the upcoming Public Hearing

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A letter from the Review Board that notes that the Board has passed a motion to combine the hearings for the CGV and Sidon projects. A proposed agenda is also attached to the notification.

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Public Hearing Presentation by Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

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1-Page Summary by Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation for the Sidon/CGV public hearing

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Public Hearing Presentation by Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

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1-Page summary by the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre for the Sidon/CGV public hearing

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Presentation slides and 1-page summary provided by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada for the Sidon/CGV public hearing

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One page summary of presentation to be given by the North Slave Metis Alliance

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1-page hearing presentation summaryn provided by CGV and Sidon

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CVs provided by the representatives of CGV and Sidon who will be presenting at the public hearing

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CGV and Sidon Hearing Presentation

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The Department of Fisheries and Oceans' presentation for the Sidon and CGV public hearing

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One page hearing summary provided by the Deparment of Fisheries and Oceans

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Presentation Summary by the Northwest Territory Metis Nation

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The Deninue Kue First Nation's presentation for the Sidon and CGV public hearing

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Environment Canada Presentation Summary (1-page)

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Environment Canada Hearing Presentation

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Moose Survey Report produced by GNWT-Environment and Natural Resources. The report is the primary source material for the presentaion that ENR intends to give at the public hearing

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Note from ENR on hearing presentation

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Presentation given by GNWT-Environment and Natural Resources at the CGV-Sidon public hearing

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Presentation given by North Slave Metis Alliance at CGV-Sidon Public Hearing

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The presentation given by Sidon International and Consolidated Gold Win Ventures at the April 3rd and 4th public hearing. The presentation was modified slightly than the one that was originally submitted by the developers.

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The following documents were submitted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans who undertook to provide these to the Review Board at the Sidon-CGV Public Hearing: 1. DFO's Protocol for Winter Water Withdrawal In the Northwest Territories 2. DFO'

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A submission that Indian and Northern Affairs Canada undertook to provide the Review Board with at the Sidon-CGV public hearings. It is regarding the incident where equipment went through the ice in the vicinity of Drybones Bay.

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Opening remark speaker notes for the Sidon and CGV public hearings

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Closing comments speaker notes for Sidon-CGV public hearing

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Public Hearing Sign-In Lists (CGV and Sidon EAs)

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Indian and Northern Affairs Canada's presentation slides for the Sidon-CGV public hearing

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Official transcripts from Day 1 (April 3rd, 2007) of the public hearing for Sidon and CGV's mineral exploration environmental assessments

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Official transcripts from Day 2 (April 4th, 2007) of the public hearing for Sidon and CGV's mineral exploration environmental assessments

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Speaking Notes from Northwest Territory Metis Nation public hearing presentation.

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Undertaking provided by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada consisting of a map and land tenure information (surface leases, mineral claims, et cetera).

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These are the closing comments of the developers for both Sidon and CGV projects.