Uranium Exploration Thelon Basin (Screech Lake) - EA0506-003

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Poster advertising the Lutsel K'e Community Hearing for Ur Energy's proposed uranium exploration program at Screech Lake, Akaitcho region, NWT.

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Letter to interested parties inviting their participation in a pre-hearing conference regarding Ur Energy Screech Lake Envrionmental Assessment. Includes Pre-hearing Conference Guide, Draft PHC Agenda, Party Status Request Form, Summary of Issues, and PHC

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A request for party status from the Beverly and Qamanirjuaq Caribou Management Board for the Pre-hearing conference.

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A letter regardig the Pre-hearing Conference on Ur Energy's propsed development at Screech Lake. Includes list of those who requested Party Status, a list of materials added to the Public Registry, and a reminder about the date and time of the PHC.

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A letter from an individual requesting party status for the Pre-hearing Conference of Ur Energy. Includes MVEIRB's response.

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Letter from the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board to interested parties regarding the Pre-hearing Conference on UR Energy's proposed development. Includes agenda and list of confirmed participants.

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Letter expressing more details for interested parties. Includes list of those with Party Status and list of confirmed and potential participants.

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Letter to interested parties announcing the cancellation of the Public Hearing for environmental assessment of Ur Energy Uranium Exploration.