Pine Point Pilot Project - EA0607-002

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Notice that the Review Board has received from the developer Chipewyan and South Slavey versions of the executive summary of the development proposal (from the DAR) in audio MP3 files. These files are very large, but will be distributed to parties on CD via mail upon request. Contact Alistair MacDonald at MVEIRB for a copy - ph:867-766-7052.

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The files are too large to be placed on the website. These files are located at the MVEIRB offices.

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Correspondence from Town of Hay River to MVEIRB on February 12, 2007, stating concerns about the Deficiency Statement issued by the MVEIRB to Tamerlane on January 22, 2007.

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A deficiency statement issued by MVEIRB to Tamerlane, stating areas of the DAR submitted on Jan 4, 2007 that are not in conformity with the Terms of Reference for the EA, and detailing remaining questions that need to be answered before the DAR is deemed

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Confirmation of MVEIRB's receipt of the DAR from Tamerlane on January 4, 2007 and description of the Conformity Check process.

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Traditional Knowledge Study Summary Report - Fort Resolution

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Traditional Knowledge Study Report - Hay River