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Tamerlane Ventures' response to IR#55, with a variety of clarifications on commitments made by the developer during the course of the Pine Point Pilot Project EA.

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Cover letter and IR#55 from MVEIRB to the developer, regarding requests for clarification on a draft commitment table (NOTE: COMMITMENTS TABLE PROVIDED AS SEPARATE DOCUMENT ON PUBLIC REGISTRY).

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Part of IR#55 from the MVEIRB to the developer, asking for clarification as necessary of commitments by the developer identified from the public registry.

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Additional information from the developer on basal inflows to the mine, as required in IR46 submitted by INAC.

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Supplemental response to second round IR 37, detailing the flood risk level associated with the ore loadout facility, and mitigations in construction of the facility to prevent flooding.

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Supplemental information from the developer outlining how an "injection well" works, with examples.

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Response, received on September 11, 2007, of IR42 from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Their response addresses what provisions in current reclamation bonding protects the people of the Mackenzie Valley from environmental and financial costs associate

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MSDS sheets supplied by the developer for all new reagents planned for use in the additional froth flotation circuit of the ore beneficiation process.

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Response from Tamerlane Ventures on Second Round IRs 35 and 38. IR 35 response is especially important for consideration because it identifies components of the proposed development that have changed since the issuance of the Developer's Assessment Report

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A question posed for the public record by the Deninu Kue First Nation on August 23, 2007, related to the need for more information about the proposed "Injection Well" water discharge system. Subsequent discussions between Review Board and DKFN staff hav

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Case study communities and bibliographic sources included. Citation: Western Economic Diversification Canada (2006). The Resilient City: Hope for Resource-based Communities.

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Citation: Infrastructure Canada (February 2006). Planning for a Soft Landing: Non-renewable Resource Development and Community Infrastructure in the Northwest Territories. A Research Backgrounder Prepared for the Experts Workshop on Northern Communitie

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Citation: Infrastructure Canada (November 2005). Northern Communities: Boom Bust and the Role of Infrastructure. Ministry of Municipal and Community Affairs, Government of the Northwest Territories.

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Article #1 of four referred to in IR responses #16 and #39 from Tamerlane Ventures, on potential for boom-bust effects and strategies for avoiding. Citation: Government of Canada (June 2006). From Restless Communities to Resilient Places: Building a

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Second Round IR responses received from Tamerlane Ventures on August 15, 2007. Responses to IR # 35 and #38 are not included, and some other IRs cite forthcoming information. The Review Board has requested better quality map images to accompany this infor

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Please find attached the 2nd Round of Information Requests issued by the MVEIRB for EA0607-002 to the developer and parties. IR's 35-43 are directly from the MVEIRB; IR's 44-54 were proposed by other parties. In some cases, the MVEIRB will have slightly

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Letter of August 9, 2007 from the FRMC to the Review Board identifying two general areas of concern that they feel merit further study: Woodland Caribou and impacts of mining on water and aquatic life in the Great Slave Lake near the proposed project.

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correspondence from Environment Canada and the GNWT related to their opinion on the need for site specific air quality assessment

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Proposed 2nd Round IRs, received August 8, 2007 from the GNWT. Questions relating to training and contingency planning for water disposal in case of a fault in the injection well system. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL 2ND ROUND INFORMATION REQUESTS.

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Comments received by the Review Board on August 7, 2007, from Environment Canada, stating a need for IRs on air quality issues, and making comments on the need for public hearings versus written submissions.

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Notification of the Review Boards reconsideration of need for Public Hearing and issuance of 2nd round of IR's.

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A list of concerns arising from the Fort Resolution Metis Council's analysis of the PPPP Developer's Assessment Report. Issues related to freezewall and water will likely be discussed during the forthcoming Technical Sessions; for other issues (SARA speci

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Additional information provided by Tamerlane to support the response to IR 19 on details behind the preliminary laboratory bench-scale process water discharge analyses.

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Response from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada to First Round IR #32, relating to update on status of historic Pine Point mining area, and any studies known of impacts of Pine Point mine on local/regional water quality.

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Response from GNWT on IR0607-002-34, referring to updating of Guidelines for Dust Suppression.

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Tamerlane Ventures Inc.ƒ_Ts response to the first round of of Information Requests

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Response to First Round IR #33 by Environment Canada, in which the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations are not considered to apply to the PPPP.

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First Round of Information Requests from the Review Board to the developer and parties. Responses required by Wednesday, June 13, 2007.