Underground Decline and Pilot Plant - EA01-002

Document List - Developer's Assessment Report/Environmental Impact Statement

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Letter forwards documents and requests developer begin preparing environmental assessment reports and informs of a possible upcoming public hearing.

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Includes: Cover letter, EA report, Safety & Procedures Manual, Land Overlaps Map, Location Map, Claims Map, Pilot Plant Flowsheet, Pilot Plant Location Drawing, Site Plan and Metallurgical Studies Bibliography.

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Letter concerning Canadian Zinc's previously submitted Environmental Assessment Report. Also Includes Milestone Completion Timetable for EA 01-002 and EA 01-003.

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Letter thanks developer for Environmental Assessment Report and states that the timelines of 01-002 and 01-003 timelines are being brought together to overcome some time restraints.

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Letter provides MVEIRB's decision on the conformity of the Environmental Assessment Report submitted by Canadian Zinc to the Terms of Reference.

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Letter supports the idea that MVEIRB conduct the Conformity Analyses between the Environmental Assessment Report produced by Canadian Zinc and the Terms of Reference produced by MVEIRB.

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Provides comments on the environmental assessment provided by Canadian Zinc for their proposed development on Prairie Creek, NT.