CanTung Mine Water License Renewal - EA02-003

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This document is not available online. Please contact the Review Board office for a copy.

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Letter from MVLWB to distribution list re: Renewal of Water Licence # N3L2-0004, for renewal of mining and milling operations at Cantung site.

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Letter from North American Tungsten Co. to MVLWB discussing water recycling at CanTung.

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Compiled correspondence over a time period of 10 months, between the developer and various community groups. Included are power point presentations from North Am Tungsten Corp.

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Plan sent out to various parties where comments to be used in the Preliminary Screening.

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Concerns raised on acid generation of tailings, waste stream discharge and water quality.

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Stresses mine's potentially significant downstream environmental impacts on the South Nahanni River and Nahanni National Park Reserve - a World Heritage Site.

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Requesting an extension to review water license application and comments on the Abandonment and Restoration Plan and Revised Spill Contingency Plan.

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Legal counsel compilation of past proceedings supporting the opinion that the license is a renewal and not a new application

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Scope of the hearing is limited to whether preliminary screening is sufficient and the nature of the licence renewal.

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re: Comments on proposed mine development on the border of the Nahanni National Park.

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Hearing submissions during the Land and Water Board Hearings

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Re: how the preliminary screening public hearing affects Review Boards EA process.

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Society of North American Tungsten Public Shareholders

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Environment Canada's request for party status in the North American Tungsten Corporation's EA02-003

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Becky Mason requesting to be a party in the North American Tungsten EA

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Parks Canada requesting to be a party in the North American Tungsten EA

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Re: NATC seeking order from NWT Supreme Court to abolish MVLWB referral of application to EA. Legal counsel wants confirmation that EA proces will be stopped until judicial review hearing is complete.

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Review Board letter to North American Tungsten's legal counsel about adjourning the environmental assessmnent

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Email exchange between Dough Beckett and MVEIRB regarding legal challenge

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Land and Water board's notice of public hearing

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Ft. Simpson seeks flight subsidy for increased Deh Cho resident participation in mine since current mine is dependent on main road going through Yukon.

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SNATPS is the organization representing NATC's investment shareholders.

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Re: screening decision for NATC EA to renew the type "A" Water Licence, memo dated April 5, 1995.

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The court supported the findings of the Land and Water Board and did not grant the stay of execution.

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Request for stay of referral for EA pending NATC appeal of Supreme Court decision to dismiss their application.

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Board decision to deny request for stay of EA

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Prepared by EBA Consultants, document is too large for uploading, please contact MVEIRB directly for hardcopy.

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Letter to distribution list indicating that the office has the following supporting documents: affidavit, Reasons for Decision by the MVLWB, past corresponsdence between NATC and MVEIRB regarding EA and Draft terms of reference and workplan.

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Re: application for a stay of EA

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Response from INAC - Environment Directorate, Yukon Region on MVEIRB query. Cantung will not trigger DIAND involvement in the Yukon region for CEAA classical land, funding or regulatory triggers.

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NWT Court of Appeal transcript of the Ruling Granting a Stay of Execution of EA

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The NWT Court of Appeal stayed the Review Board's decision. The development was grandfathered under s.157 (1) of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act.

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prepared by Gartner Lee Ltd for the INAC Water Resources Division

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MVEIRB's notice that the environmental assessment has been adjourned pending a judgement from the NWT Supreme Court.