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The NEB requests that the communities involved in the study - Traditional Knowledge Studies for the Cameron Hills, NWT, 2001 - submit comments for consideration.

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Paramounts response to questions about the traditional knowledge study

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Email from H. Klein to J. Acorn (MVEIRB) with minutes from a meeting re. further IRs and a list of potential questions for further IRs.

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Letter from Paramount to the National Energy Board with responses to IRs re. proposed corrosion inhibition program

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Email from Paramount to MVLWB with revised monitoring plans for the Cameron Hills in response to IRs.

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The Kaƒ_Taƒ_T Gee Tu First Nation requests that Paramount address the issues of economic and cultural loss in its Plan. Revision of issues already included in Paramountƒ_Ts Draft Plan such as the arbitrary boundary of the discovery area and the compensati

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Paramount responds to the request for additional information about PTLƒ_Ts corrosion inhibition program by NEB. Topics such as corrosion inhibition chemicals, coupons and monitoring spools are discussed.

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The West Point First Nation state that they will not be supporting this land use application until further information is obtained from Paramount resources Ltd.

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Mackenzie Valley telephoned Chief Karen Thomas inquiring about their information request to Paramount Resources Ltd. Ms. Thomas said they wanted more information on the Benefits Package and the job hire program.

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This is Paramount Resources Ltd.ƒ_Ts response to the information request regarding Condition 14: Corrosion Inhibition made by the National Energy Board. They touch on corrosion inhibitors and corrosion monitoring spools vs. coupons.

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Verification on behalf of the minister that Paramount Resources Ltd. has met the benefits plan requirements.

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Paramout Resources Ltd. submits further information to clarify the authority of the Heritage Resources Monitor from the loval communities. Paramount responds to the information request of the National Energy Board.

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The Ka'a' Gee Tu First Nation request clairification as to who their law firm represents first, Paramount or MVEIRB. Another question the Ka'a' Gee Tu First Nation have is how the law firm is involved with the activities of Paramount Resources Ltd.

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Gowlings request that any correspondance they send either to Paramount or to the NEB concerning this matter be sent to them. Also Gowlings brings up the fact that the letter from Ms. MAcIntosh dates January 24th 2002 suggests bad faith on the part of Para

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The Ka'a' Gee Tu First Nation request that the Assemble of First Nations write a letter of support to the Minister of DIAND stating that they support the Ka'a' Gee Tu First Nation in their draft Benefits Agreement.

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The National Energy Board states that they have examined PTL's Environmental Protection Plan adn requests some information. The information request includes changes involving communication of hunters/trappers and migitative measures, how paramount expects

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Mandell Pinder state that they have recieved a letter from Paramount Resources Ltd. stating that the NEB has granted approval for Paramount to build a transborder pipeline and want to clarify that this is a mistake in communication. If infact this is true

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Paramount explain how they were to fulfill this by attending a workshup in hay River with many aboriginal representative groups but they cancelled the meeting. Paramount is concerned that there is a lack of good communication and would like assistance fin