Pine Point Area Timber Harvest Proposal - EA00-005

Application for a timber harvesting permit in the Pine Point area


CompanyPatterson Sawmill Ltd.
TypeEnvironmental Assessment - Complete
ContactManager, Environmental Impact Assessment

Recent Documents

Approved Measures for MVEIRB's REA. Feb 7, 2002
Information Request from MVEIRB to RWED Apr 27, 2001
Fax from Patterson to MVEIRB Re: Request for Clarification May 22, 2001
Patterson Information Feb 26, 2001
Patterson Sawmill Ltd. Environmental Review LUP MV2000W0018 Feb 13, 2001
Letter from Enterprise Settlement Corporation to MVEIRB Re: Patterson EA - Draft Terms of Reference and Draft Work Plan Feb 1, 2001
Letter from Natural Resources Canada to MVEIRB Re: Patterson Forestry Development Jan 30, 2001
Terms of Reference and Work Plan Jan 26, 2001
Letter form RWED to MVEIRB Re: Patterson Sawmill Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference Jan 24, 2001
Northwest Territories, Timber Harvest Planning and Operating Ground Rules Jan 4, 2001
Forward from RWED - Summary of Correspondence Regarding Patterson Sawmill Ltd. timber Cutting License Dec 13, 2000
Operational Cruise Results - from Forestry Development Office Dec 1, 2000
Letter from MVEIRB to Patterson Sawmill Re: Request for Clarification Apr 27, 2001
Letter from INAC to Patterson Sawmills Ltd Responding to their Concerns with the Review Process. Jun 20, 2001
Patterson's Response to MVEIRB's Request for Clarification May 21, 2001
Minister's acceptance letter Re: Patterson EA Feb 10, 2002
Letter from MVEIRB to INAC Re: Patterson REA Feb 7, 2002
Letter from INAC Re: Patterson REA Feb 18, 2002
Letter from RWED to Patterson Re: Forestry Management Applicatoin Nov 13, 2002
Letter from INAC Re: Report of Environmental Assessment for Patterson Sawmill Ltd. Jan 31, 2002