Prairie Creek Phase III Drilling Program - EA0405-002

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Project proposes exploratory diamond drilling in an area of existing development already planned under a previous Land Use Permit. Project consists of 60 drill sites, with 1-2 holes per site, the construction of a winter road, expansion of existing road n


CompanyCanadian Zinc Corporation
TypeEnvironmental Assessment - Complete
ContactManager, Environmental Impact Assessment

Recent Documents

Implementation of Measure Three from the Report of Environmental Assessment for CZN's Phase III Drilling Program Mar 27, 2006
The Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board's Reasons for Decision Mar 6, 2006
Request for Recommendations from the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board Mar 6, 2006
Minister Letter accepting REA Feb 3, 2006
Email from MVEIRB re: CZN Report of Environmental Assessment and Press Release from Canadian Zinc Jan 6, 2006
Letter sent to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada from MVEIRB Dec 23, 2005
Report of Environmental Assessment Dec 23, 2005
Transcript of Public Hearing held at Ft. Simpson on October 6, 2005 Oct 6, 2005
Response from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to Can Zinc Request Oct 21, 2005
Reply from CZN to Information Request in connection with LUP MV2004C0030, MVEIRB File EA 0405-02 Sep 30, 2005
Response to Letters from the GNWT and DCFN subsequent to the Public Hearing LUP MV2004C0030, MVEIRB File EA 0405-02 Oct 20, 2005
Response to Questions on Drilling Additives and Sumps made during the Public Hearing LUP MV2004C0030, MVEIRB File EA 0405-02 Oct 19, 2005
Summary of Undertaking made with GNWT in Connection with the EA of Prairie Creek Mine Oct 14, 2005
Letter from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to MVEIRB Oct 18, 2005
Public Hearing Submission from Deh Cho First Nations and Nahanni Butte Dene Band Oct 17, 2005
Response to an Information Request from Environment Canada Oct 12, 2005
Public Hearing Sign in Sheet - Ft. Simpson, NT Oct 6, 2005
Public Hearing Presentation - Deh Cho First Nations Oct 6, 2005
Department of Fisheries and Ocean's Technical Report Oct 5, 2005
Follow-up Response From Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Oct 5, 2005