Mackenzie Valley Highway - EA1213-02

The GNWT proposes to construct an all weather gravel highway along the Mackenzie Valley bewteen Wrigley and Norman Wells.The route mostly follows the existing winter road. Approximately 281 km of new highway will be built from Hodgson Creek (located approximately 1 km north of Wrigley) to Prohibition Creek (located approximately 28 km southeast of Norman Wells).Bridges for the all-season route have already been constructed, except for the Bear River bridge.  This bridge is already permitted and licensed separately. 


TypeEnvironmental Assessment - Ongoing
StatusInformation requests under review
ContactCatherine Fairbairn

Recent Documents

Response fron NPMO to PKFN Comments on MVH - Sahtu Lands in Dehcho May 21, 2024
Attachment to Response-143-MVEIRB27 - Assessment of Prospective Borrow Sources 2021 Apr 22, 2024
Attachment to Response-140-MVEIRB24 - Mount Gaudet Access Road hydrotechnical assessment 2021 Apr 22, 2024
Attachment to Response-134-MVEIRB18 - Renewable Resource Assessment of the Pehdzeh Ki Ndeh are of interest 2006 Apr 22, 2024
Attachment to Response-121-MVEIRB5 - Mackenzie Valley All-Weather Road Economic Analysis 2009 Apr 22, 2024
Attachment to Response-119-MVEIRB3 - Economic Study of the Mackenzie Valley All-Weather Highway 2017 Apr 22, 2024
Attachment to Response-54-DFO21 - Photographs of the MVWR Bridges and Arch Culverts Apr 22, 2024
Attachment to Response-33-LKFN33B - MVH Sahtu South Segment Hydrotechnical Assessments 2022 Apr 22, 2024
Attachment to Response-33-LKFN33A - MVH Decho Segment Hydrotechnical Assessments 2021 Apr 22, 2024
ORS all parties' comments, developer's responses, and short attachements Apr 22, 2024
ORS cover letters and comments from ADKFN and NPMO Apr 22, 2024
Note to File - Transferred information from the public review of the Developer's Assessment Report May 21, 2024
Note to File - Project Engagement with Pehdzeh Ki First Nation May 16, 2024
Public support letter for MVH May 15, 2024
Public support letter for MVH May 15, 2024
Gwich'in Tribal Council letter of suppport for MVH.pdf May 13, 2024
Tlegohli Go'tine Government letter of support for MVH May 9, 2024
DFO's response to SARA notification letter May 8, 2024
Norman Wells District Chamber of Commerce letter of support for MVH May 8, 2024
Fort Norman Metis Community letter of support for MVH May 7, 2024

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