Preliminary Screenings

This registry includes notices of applications or development proposals and any associated preliminary screenings that the Review Board receives. The Review Board receives these documents because the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act requires that the Land and Water Boards and other regulators, government departments, or First Nations that conduct preliminary screenings communicate this information to the Review Board. 

A preliminary screening is a preliminary examination of a development’s potential for impacts on the environment, and the potential for public concern (see this infographic preliminary screening and p8-21 of the EIA Guidelines for more information on screenings).

The Review Board does not conduct preliminary screenings. If you have comments or concerns about a development please contact the preliminary screener - contact details can be found in the notification documents below.





E.g., 04/15/2024
E.g., 04/15/2024
Date Notification Receivedsort descending Company / Development Screener / File Number(s) Document(s)
July 22, 2019 Canadian Zinc Corporation
Prairie Creek Mine Winter Road phase 1 staging area
July 23, 2019 Transport Canada
Fort Smith Monitoring Wells
August 8, 2019 Community government of Gameti
Water Licence
August 30, 2019 SNC-Lavalin Inc.
Borehole Drilling and groundwater monitoring program in Kam Lake, YK
September 6, 2019 Valard Construction
Fibre optic cable to Jean Marie River from Mackenzie Highway
September 24, 2019 Obsidian Energy Ltd.
Application for Operations Authorization
Office of the Regulator of Oil and Gas Operations
September 26, 2019 ExGen Resources Inc.
Ven Lake Property exploration project
September 26, 2019 Town of Hay River
Water Licence Renewal
September 27, 2019 Seabridge Gold (NWT) Inc.
Courageous Lake Project
September 27, 2019 Rowe's Construction Ltd.
Quarrying Hwy #2, Km 15.7
September 30, 2019 Nahanni Construction Ltd.
Lupin Mine Winter Access
October 10, 2019 GNWT-INF
Oscar Creek Bridge Relocation Geotechnical Investigation
October 15, 2019 Government of Yukon - Department of Highways and Public Works
Dempster Fibre Project
November 1, 2019 GNWT-INF
Tlicho All Season Road land use permit amendment application
November 1, 2019 Northwind Industries Ltd.
Quarrying km 235 and 251 Dempster Highway
November 8, 2019 Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Strutt Lake Winter Road and Borrow Sources (near Snare Hydro)
November 18, 2019 Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.
Diavik A21 Underground Water Licence Amendment
November 22, 2019 GNWT-INF
Geotechnical drilling program for a proposed new school in Colville Lake
December 2, 2019 Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Arrowhead and Netla Area 13 Well Abandonment and Reclamation Program
December 11, 2019 NorthwestTel
Fuel Storage for North Vittrekwa Tower
December 11, 2019 Redbed Resources Corp.
Redstone Exploration Program
December 12, 2019 GNWT-ENR
Yellowknife heli-base groundwater monitoring wells (Bretzlaf)
December 16, 2019 EGT Northwind
Demptser Hwy quarry km 230.2 geotechnical drilling
January 2, 2020 Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation
Glowworm Lake Property
January 2, 2020 Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation
Lac de Gras Project