Preliminary Screenings

This registry includes notices of applications or development proposals and any associated preliminary screenings that the Review Board receives. The Review Board receives these documents because the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act requires that the Land and Water Boards and other regulators, government departments, or First Nations that conduct preliminary screenings communicate this information to the Review Board. 

A preliminary screening is a preliminary examination of a development’s potential for impacts on the environment, and the potential for public concern (see this infographic preliminary screening and p8-21 of the EIA Guidelines for more information on screenings).

The Review Board does not conduct preliminary screenings. If you have comments or concerns about a development please contact the preliminary screener - contact details can be found in the notification documents below.





E.g., 06/23/2024
E.g., 06/23/2024
Date Notification Receivedsort descending Company / Development Screener / File Number(s) Document(s)
March 31, 2023 GNWT-INF
TASR WL amendment, increased water useage
March 31, 2023 NorthwestTel
Dettah Fibre line
April 16, 2023 GNWT-INF
LUP renewal operations and maintenance, highway 1, km 276 - 800
April 18, 2023 GNWT-INF
Hay River Harbor Dredging Project
April 28, 2023 Archer, Cathro & Associates (1981) Limited
LNPG Project
May 1, 2023 JD Contracting
Quarry at Km 41.5 Highway 5.
May 5, 2023 GNWT-INF
Prohibition Creek Access Road Water Licence Amendment
May 8, 2023 Paramount Resources Ltd.
Pointed Mountain Gas Field Remediation Project
May 12, 2023 CIRNAC-CARD
O'Connor Lake Project
May 24, 2023 Pine Point Mining Limited
water licence amendment
May 29, 2023 Arctic Canadian Diamond Company
Land Use Permit renewal for Pidgeon Pit Development
May 29, 2023 Arctic Canadian Diamond Company
Land Use Permit renewal for Pidgeon and Sable Haul Road at Ekati mine
June 1, 2023 De Beers Canada Inc.
Land Use Permit amendment for the Fine Processed Kimberlite Facility
June 9, 2023 North American Tungsten Corporation Ltd.
LU renewal for Cantung Mine care and Maintenance
June 9, 2023 Parsons Inc.
groundwater monitoring wells Yellowknife
June 9, 2023 Aurora College
Aurora College renewal of LUP for Salt Mountain training program
June 9, 2023 GNWT-INF
Inuvik airport drainage upgrades
June 16, 2023 Cherdon Enterprises
Continued quarry operations at km 188.9, highway #1
June 16, 2023 Canadian Zinc Corporation
Type A water licence for road construction and operation
June 19, 2023 Wolverine Air Ltd.
Renewal of lease
Parks Canada
95 L/4-5
June 22, 2023 Housing NWT
Geotechnical investigation for housing in Yellowknife,
June 23, 2023 Hay River Disposals Ltd.
Ongoing Quarry operations, Hwy 5, km 44.5
June 26, 2023 Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Con Mine Wharf Geotech drilling
June 26, 2023 North Arrow Minerals Inc.
DeStaffany Project
July 10, 2023 Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Snare hydro facility water licence renewal