Drybones Bay mineral exploration - EA03-006

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Letter sent to the Yellowknives Dene First Nation acknowledging that INAC received the forwarded letter regarding Diamonds North Resources's referral to EA.

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Includes: issuance letter, preliminary screening, Land Use Permit cover and conditions.

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Letter from the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board to Snowfield Development issuing a Type "A" LUP.

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Letter in response to comments posed by YKDFN over the Snowfield Development Report of Environmental Assessment.

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Letter thanking Snowfield Development for their assistance to archaeological work done in the Drybones Bay area.

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Comments on the SDC Report of Environmental Assessment.

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Report submitted by EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. Available upon request from the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board office.

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Re: Report of Environmental Assessment for Snowfield Development Corporation diamond exploration program.

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Sent out to the distribution list.

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Response from Mr. Tom Andrews to the request to define the term "Archaeological Impact Assessment" from MVEIRB.

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Letter requests Mr. Andrews to define and clarify the term "Archeaological Impact Assessment".

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Purpose of the meeting was to discuss concerns and rationale for the suggested modification to the REA for Snowfield Development.

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Letter regards resolution of the recommendations.

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Request for consultations to modify the Review Board's recommendations.

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Letter regards the decision on the recommendation contained in the REA and Reaons for Decision on the Snowfield Development Corporation's Diamond Exploration Program.

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Letter provides clarification on the intent of the recommendations in the Report of Environmental Assessment for Snowfield Development Corp. diamond exploration.

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Comments from YKDFN on Goldwin's request to drill another hole using an existing Land Use Permit.

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Letter notifies MVEIRB that the Minister has received the REA and is currently reviewing it.

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Letter regards the Federal and Responsible Minister considerations and responses to the decisions and reasons for decision of the environmental assessment reports prepared by MVEIRB for the North American General Resources Corporation, Consolidate Goldwin

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Re: Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board Environmental Assessment Decision - Snowfield Development Corp. dated February 26, 2004.

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Letter seeks clarification on recommendations proposed by MVEIRB in the Report of Environmental Assessment.