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Indian and Northern Affairs Canada's response to Information Request #27. The IR response includes inspection reports regarding Paramount's Cameron Hills projects.

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Second Round Information Request responses from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Further documentation is expected regarding these IRs and it is expected around Sept 1.

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2nd round Information Request Responses from the National Energy Board

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2nd Round Information Requests responses from Paramount Resources Ltd.

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2nd Round Information Request Response for the Government of the Northwest Territories

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Notification by the MVEIRB concerning the issuance of round 2 information requests.

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Reasons issued by MVEIRB regarding the acceptance, rejection or modification of Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation requests for information submitted to the MVEIRB.

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Round 2 Information Requests issued to Paramount, INAC, NEB and the GNWT.

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Submission by KTFN of requests for information regarding the SDL8 environmental assessment.

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Email from Joe Acorn, consultant for Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation, to Pat Duxbury, MVEIRB, regarding the comments received from parties related to KTFN's Request for Ruling

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Letter from Katlodeeche First Nation in response to the request for ruling put forward by Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation.

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A letter from David Livingston, INAC to MVEIRB regarding its opinion on the matter of Ka'a'gee Tu First Nations request for ruling regarding information requests

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A notification from MVEIRB, that pursuant to KTFN's request for ruling, the deadline to submit final comments has been extended to July 21st.

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Letter from MVEIRB to parties notifying them about Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation's request for ruling

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Email from Joe Acorn, consultant for Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation to Pat Duxbury, MVEIRB Environmental Assessment Office, regarding process concerns over the SDL8 environmental assessment

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Information Request Response (#2) from Katlodeeche First Nation

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Information Request response (#1) from K'a'gee Tu First Nation. Please contact the Review Board for a copy of this document.

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A map of Cameron Hills Timber Supply Area which is appended to the Government of the Northwest Territories' response to Information Request 7.

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A letter from MVEIRB to Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation, Katlodeechee First Nation and Northwest Territory Metis Nation reagarding Information Requests responses that have not been yet filed with the Review Board.

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Information Request response from Environment Canada.

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Response to Information Requests numbers 7, 8 and 9 for Paramount Resources' seismic exploration program, Dehcho region.

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Document entitled "NWT Species at Risk - Are Caribou Important to You? Boreal Caribou Conservation in the Northwest Territories" Attached to GNWT-ENR Information Request Responses

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Fort Providence Resource Management Board's response to Information Requests 4 and 5 that were issued to Deh Gah Got'ie Dene Band and Metis Local #57/

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Information Request Response 10, 11 and 12 from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

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Information Request Responses 13 and 14 from the National Energy Board

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Letter from MVEIRB notifying Parties that the deadline for submitting Information Requests has been extended one week until May 12, 2006

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A request from the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Environment and Natural Resources to extend the deadline submission of its Boreal Caribou IR one week.

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First Round Information Requests from MVEIRB to Parties. These IRs were issued by the Review Board on April 6, 2006.