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Paramount letter to accompany submission of revegetation, permafrost, and access monitoring report to the National Energy Board

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Paramount environmental assessment and remediation plan for erosion issues in the Cameron Hills

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Conditions f, p and q are unacceptable, reasoning explained. Explanatory remarks highlight Km 0.5, 1st Creek, Slope S15, Slope S13 & Creek Crossing GSC-16, Cameron River Crossing GSC-17, crossing 17, crossing GSC-29 & the r-o-w to the Cameron Rive, slope

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Results for tests including: Petroleum Hydrocarbon in soil, Salinity Package (Water) & Oil and Grease and Soil Salinity.

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Summary of inspection of ROW (Right-of-Ways). Lists Areas A-J; the issue, the Action taken and the Additional Mitigation Required.

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Report Outlining Conditions A through Q with additional explanatory remarks on comp/battery site and facilities and Program Modification Approvals for addition of two quarry locations (A73 and C-50) and for a test pit with attached conditions.

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Letter from Paramount to Ka'a' Gee Tu FN in response to recommended changes for proposed revegetation, wildlife and permafrost monitoring plans

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Submitted by Paramount Resources Ltd. to fulfill condition 41 of Land Use Permit MV2000P0055.

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Territorial Quarrying Regulations, Quarrying Permit No. 2002QP0019 and conditions.

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This revegetation and permafrost monitoring plan is submitted by Paramount Resources and covers regreen wheat, wheatgrass, awned wheatgrass, fall rye, and slender wheatgrass.

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Letter from Ka'a' Gee Tu First Nation to Paramount Resources in response to Paramount revegetation and permafrost monitoring plan; includes suggestions for improvements to the plan

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This document visits the concerns expressed by the Kaƒ_Ta Gee Tu First Nations regarding areas such as inadequate Traditional Knowledge Study and touches on Cultural Resources, Watershed, Plants, Fisheries, Wildlife Trapping, Travel Routes, and Traditiona

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The Kaƒ_Taƒ_T Gee Tu First Nation submits an Outline of Compensation Plan highlighting business opportunities, employment opportunities, community investment, resource and harvesting issues, conflict resolution, access management, equity participation, a

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This document submitted by the Kaƒ_Ta Gee Tu First Nation touches on topics including the areas the elders visited during their trip to Tathlina Lake and important topics which are of importance when considering this proposed project such as cultural res

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For the Amendment to the Cameron Hills Development Plan and the Cameron Hills Gathering System and Transborder Pipeline.

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Prepared by Golder Associates Ltd and Paramount, November 2001. For more information on this report please contact our offices.

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This plan touches on wildlife sighting cards, winter track count surveying, and migratory birds.

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Regadign the Pre-application Scoping Package in support of their permit applications.

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Submitted by Paramount Transmission Ltd. To the National Energy Board in support of their permit applications.

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Submitted by Paramount Resources Ltd. to the National Energy Board in support of their permit applications.