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A Note to File regarding the closure of the public record and status of the environmental assessment.

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Final submission submitted by INAC for the EA1011-002.

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Final submission submitted by the GNWT for the EA1011-002.

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Final submission sent in by Akaitcho IMA Implementation Office for the EA1011-002.

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Final submission submitted by NSMA for tthe EA1011-002.

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Final submission sent in by YKDFN for the EA1011-002.

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A submission from the developer TNR Gold to the Review Board which includes comments and clarifications from the November 19th hearing.

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A document submitted by YKDFN regarding the North Arrow and YKDFN court case - Reasons for Judgement.

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A Supremem Court case document involving the Rio Tinto Alcan Inc and Sekani Tribal Council sent to teh Review Board by YKDFN on November 16th, 2010.

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These are documents submitted by LKDFN regarding meetings between the LKDFN and TNR Gold Corp.

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This is a Note to File regarding an update from INAC on the distribution of the ESA for the Destephany MIne Site Phase I report to the parties of the TNR EA.

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Application from INAC for Party Status in the TNR Gold Corp -Moose Property EA.

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Formal letters of correspondance between Chief Sangris of the YKDFN and INAC regarding Crown's duty to consult in the TNR Gold -Moose Property EA.

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This is a Note to File regarding the approval of party status to several organization to the EA 1011-002.

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A letter from YKDFN to INAC reminding of the obligation of the crown to consult.

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Submission for Party Status recieved at the Review Board on November 2010 from DKFN.

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A letter to the distribution list regarding a document of Traditional Knowledge submitted by the YKDFN in which that organization requests it be held under the confidentiality cover of the Review Board.

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This is a document detailing the commitments and other relevant details agreed on at the community informations sessions by the developer.

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On November 9th, Akaitcho IMA Implementation Office and Fort Resolution Metis Council submitted their application for Party Status for the TNR Gold- Moose Property EA.

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Submission from Lutselk'e for Party Status for the TNR- Moose Property EA recieved November 9th, 2010.

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On November 5th, 2010, 3 applications for party status for teh TNR Gold -Moose Property EA were sent in to teh Review Board.

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This is a notification to the distribution list and interested parties to formally apply for party status in anticipation of the Review Board public hearing for TNR Gold - Moose Property EA on November 19, 2010. Please send in your request no late than November 12th.

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These are the sign-in sheets indicating attendance at the Information Session held October 28th, 2010 in Lutsel'ke facilitated by the Review Board staff.

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These are the sign -in sheets indicating attendance for the Information Session in Fort Resolution on October 25th, 2010 facilitated by the Review Board staff.

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This is a follow-up document from INAC regarding the committment made at N'dilo information session on September 30th, 2010 for additional information on the DStaffany Mine ESA.

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The Review Boards official Reasons for Decision on the various Request for Rulings issued between September 14th and 20th, 2010.

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On October 15th TNR Gold Corp made an offer to NSMA for a site visit of the Moose Property area when weather permits in the spring 2011.

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A correction from TNR Gold Corp Ltd, regarding the site visit. This letter is sent to Chief Antoine Michel with apology from Mr. Segboer. It was sent to the wrong person in the October 14th submission.

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Please be advised of the change of date for the Information Session in Lutsel ke from October 27th to October 28th.

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A submission from the developer illustrating correspondance to the communities regarding site visits to the Moose Property.

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Correspondance from LKDFN explaining why they are not participating in the upcoming Information Session for the TNR Moose Property environmental assessment on September 30th 2010 in N'dilo.

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This is a letter to the notify the TNR Gold Corp. Ltd.- Moose Property distribution list of the Requests for Ruling submitted to the Review Board and the deadline date for party comments and Board decision.

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This is a letter from the Review Board indicating financial support for the September 30th 2010 Information Session in N'dilo. The support is intended for travel and accomodation for LKDFN, DKFN and FRMC representatives to participate in the process.

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An email from Todd Slack of YKDFN to the Review Board regarding the EA process for TNR Gold- Moose Property environmental assessment (EA 1011-002).