Cameron Hills Gathering System - EA01-005


CompanyParamount Resources Ltd.
TypeEnvironmental Assessment - Complete
ContactManager, Environmental Impact Assessment

Recent Documents

MVEIRB Report of Environmental Assessment for the Cameron Hills Gathering System Dec 3, 2001
NEB response to Paramount request for confidentiality of Traditional Knowledge Study Dec 3, 2001
Paramount to INAC request for changes to Report of EA Dec 19, 2001
NEB request to MVEIRB to initiate consultation process Dec 18, 2001
Revised Report of Environmental Assessment Jan 8, 2002
Minister's Decision of the Report of Environmental Assessment Jan 24, 2002
NEB response to Paramount's response to NEB IR no. 7.1 Jan 1, 2002
Environment Canada comments to Paramount Technical Review Nov 30, 2001
Paramount Traditional Knowledge Study for the Cameron Hills, 2001 Dec 5, 2001
INAC confirmation of receipt of Report of EA Dec 17, 2001
MVEIRB approval of INAC modifications of Final Measures Jan 8, 2002
DIAND and GNWT response to Report of EA - measure #13 Jan 8, 2002
INAC Cameron Hills EA Report Consultation - Re: Benefits Plan Information Jan 8, 2002
Paramount response to measure #13 of the Report of EA Jan 4, 2002
INAC Draft proposed modifications to Cameron HIlls EA Report Jan 7, 2002
INAC response to MVEIRB request for Consultation Jan 3, 2002
MVEIRB reply to Mandell Pinder request to postpone Consultation meeting Jan 3, 2002
Mandell Pinder Barristers & Solicitors and K'a'a Gee Tu First Nation response to MVEIRB - re: Consultation meeting Jan 3, 2002
Mandell Pinder Barristers & Solicitors request to MVEIRB re: Postponement of Consultation meeting Jan 2, 2002
Paramount response to NEB Information Request No. 7 Dec 31, 2001

Document Summary

00Preliminary screening
00Assessment/review startup
08Terms of Reference and workplans
00Developer's Assessment Report/Environmental Impact Statement
018Information requests
01Technical or community sessions
022Technical reports
00Public hearings
00Hearing follow-up
08Report of Environmental Assessment/Impact Review
022Post Report materials
012Minister's decision and final measures
067Other public registry materials
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