Core Purpose and Values

What We Do

The Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board conducts environmental assessments. This public process is a thorough study of a proposed development's application to decide if the development is likely to have significant adverse impacts on the environment, or likely to cause public concern. If so, the Review Board may recommend to the Minister of Lands of the Government of Northwest Territories that the project can proceed to regulatory permitting and licensing provided some measures are in place or the project should be rejected.

Alternatively, the Review Board decide the project can proceed to regulatory permitting and licensing as is, in which case the ministers have 10 days following the Review Board's decision to refer the development to environmental impact review. Or the final option is the Review Board may order an environmental impact review for a more detailed review by an independent panel.

About Our Logo

Our logo has been designed to accommodate the diverse aspects of our role in the Mackenzie Valley and our responsibility to the people, the land and the great waters that course through it.

The central disc symbolizes the drum. Inside the drum face, the lower swatch of green represent the lands and mountains of the Mackenzie Valley. The upper blue swatch symbolize the skies and water of the Valley. The drum is a strong aboriginal symbol depicting voices of the people, the voices of the board, the land, the animals and the environment.

Curved lines depict the river and the flow of life. Water separates the land and sky. A middle line of gold symbolizes the rivers which flow throughout the Valley and also represents the resources of the North. The three lines are the people, the economy and government, our three main influences.

The small circles represent the 28 communities of the Mackenzie Valley ranging in size from the big to small. The change in size also represents the transition of life for people as they pass from youth to elder, and, for the change in the sun as it passes through the seasons.

We have chosen colours to link us to the other co-management boards in the region.

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