Practitioners' workshops

The Review Board annually hosts EIA Practitioners workshops where participants examine the different aspects of the EIA process and identify current challenges and potential solutions to how environmental impact assessment is done in the Mackenzie Valley.

MVRMA Workshop 2019

MVRMA Workshop 2018

EIA Workshop 2015

MVRMA Workshop 2016

Preliminary Screener's Workshop 2016

Norman Wells Co-Management Workshop 2017

Hay River Co-management Workshop 2017

2008 EIA Practitioners' Workshop

Theme: "Close the Loop" - In 2008 we will close the loop by improving the integration of the EIA process into the overall resource management system. Key note speakers, plenary sessions, and working groups will explore how EIA can inform monitoring, enforcement, and follow up, and how these processesthemselves can shape EIA. Discussions will centre on the EIA process' place in the integrated resource management system.

2007 EIA Practitioners' Workshop

Theme: "Do Early Work"

2005 EIA Practitioners' Workshop

This workshop featured staff presentations on the "Lessons Learned" from selected environmental assessments