Workshop on the Guideline for Major Projects to go Directly to EA

The Mackenzie Valley Review Board (Review Board) invites you to comment and make recommendations on the draft Guideline for Major Projects to go Directly to Environmental Assessment (the draft Guideline). The draft Guideline describes an optional pathway for developers of major projects to go directly into environmental assessment and outlines the information developers must provide for the Review Board to consider the request. The draft Guideline is directed to developers, but other individuals and organizations are invited to review and provide feedback on the document.

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Review Opportunities

All interested parties are invited to comment using the Online Review System. The deadline for comments has been extended to January 13, 2023 to ensure sufficient time for comments. Review Board staff are available to meet with reviewers and support them in their review of the draft guideline upon request.

Review Board staff will host a workshop on Dec. 6, 2022, for all interested parties to support the review of the document. The full-day workshop will be held at the Explorer in Katimavik D and E. For travel funds to attend the workshop, please contact Liz Castaneda at GNWT-Lands at 867-767-9181 ext. 24031 or

In addition, Review Board staff will be available for an open house at the Review Board office on November 16 from 1-3pm. Stop by to chat about the guideline and enjoy some Barrenground coffee and snacks.

Changes from previous draft

The draft Guideline has evolved from the previously released draft and incorporates comments and feedback from a workshop and other review opportunities for interested parties.Based on the feedback received, the Review Board has made several changes to the draft Guideline:

  • The guideline now clearly describes the optional direct pathway to referral, and the information developers need to provide to request referral by the Review Board.
  • There is an increased emphasis on relationship building though early engagement and collaborative project planning.
  • The content of the guideline focuses on objectives and desired outcomes, rather than listing detailed requirements that may not apply to some projects.