Media at public hearings

The Review Board will usually issue a media advisory one or two weeks prior to a public hearing or meeting to notify the media about the time and location of the event. However, it is advisable to check the Review Board's website periodically to confirm events and their details. Alternatively you may contact the Logistics and Planning Officer to confirm the details.

The Review Board respectfully requests that all media personnel please observe the following courtesies:

  • Please do not set up your equipment too close to the front of the hearing venue. This could distract board members, staff and other hearing participants from their work.
  • Please do not take the front seats for the audience if it appears there are many elders present who may want to sit up close.
  • Please do not sit at the reserved tables set up for registered groups who will be presenting to the board.

Typically, the Review Board does not set up special tables for media personnel unless there is a request in advance of the meeting. The resources available to the Review Board to assist the media are limited so be prepared to bring all of your own equipment and power supplies.

Staff or board members, including the Chairperson, attending at public meetings or hearings are not available for interviews at those meetings. Please call the Review Board office to arrange for an interview, which will likely occur a few days after the meeting has ended. Please request your interview in advance to allow the Review Board staff to coordinate their availability with your deadline.