Depositing Processed Kimberlite in Pits and Underground - EA1819-01

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As part of its response to interventions, DDMI submitted a video of processed kimberlite consolidation. This note to file describes how to view the video online.

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DDMI's response to interventions

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Traditional Knowledge reports referenced in YKDFN Intervention

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Curriculum vitaes for EMAB technical experts

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Curriculum vitae for Tony Pearse - technical expert with Tlicho Government.

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DDMI response to the Review Board's supplemental information request #5

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Note to file concerning small corrections to the interventions submitted by Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.

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Intervention submitted by the North Slave Metis Alliance.

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Correspondence with NSMA and the Akaitcho IMA Office regarding late submission of NSMA's and the Akaitcho IMA Office's interventions. Diavik has indicated it will respond, as long as the interventions are received by August 7, 2019.

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Intervention from the Northwest Territories Metis Nation

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Intervention from the Fort Resolution Metis Council. Attachments include: Attachment 1: COSEWIC 2016 Attachment 2: GIll and Ritchie 2011 Attachment 3: Luginaah SMith Lockridge 2010 Attachment 4: Section 6.0 Exerpt from NWTMN Gahcho Kue TK Assessment Report July 24

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Intervention from the Tlicho Government.

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Intervention from the Government of the Northwest Territories. Includes GNWT expert CV and an article GNWT referenced in its intervention: ScoRE - A Simple Approach to Select a Water Quality Model (Mateus et al. 2018).

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Intervention from the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.

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Intervention submitted by Environment and Climate Change Canada

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Intervention submitted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

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Intervention from the Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation

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Attachments for EMAB's intervention as follows: Attachment 1: JIAPA Significance Spectrum Ehrlich&Ross Attachment 2: W2007L2-003 - Diavik-ICRP-2012 Annual Progress Rerport-Dec10_12 Attachment 3:DDMI TK Panel Recommendation Tracking v10_10-05018_DDMI Responses Attachment 4: DDMI ICRP v3.2 (Please see PR#8) Attachment 5: Signed Environmental Agreement Attachment 6: Knapp FInal Revised Feb Report to EMAB Rev1-PK disposal to Mines Amendment review Feb 23 209 Attachment 7: Knapp FInal Report Review of Version 4 CLosure Plan Attachment 8: NSC MVEIRB intervention July 26 2019 Attachment 9: 19-07-28 Intervention Support_PK to Pits

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Intervention from the Environmental Monitoring Advisory Board

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Intervention from Deninu Kue First Nation.

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A communication record for a meeting between Diavik Diamond Mines Inc and Fisheries and Oceans Canada on July 26.

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A letter from the Review Board to Fort Resolution Metis Council in response to the July 29, 2019 extension request for interventions (PR#99).

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A communication record for a meeting between Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. and Environment and Climate Change Canada on July 12.

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Agenda for the pre-hearing conference on Tuesday, July 9 from 10am-12pm.

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A notice of proceeding with guidance from the Review Board on preparing interventions.