Cameron Hills Exploratory Drilling Project - EA00-004

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The Review Board declined legal counsel's comments on Paramount's Responses to the K'a'Gee Tu's submissions on the Drilling Project.

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Sent out to inform all stakeholders of progress and present status on the project.

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To add statement including the possibility of drilling in 10 future wells.

sent out to stakeholders

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Explanation of why they forwarded correspondence between the first nations group and MVLWB

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Past correspondence between KTFN and the MVLWB of legal notification to MWLWB to provide sufficient notice of their position.

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Where the first nations group remains concerned about the impacts of the development and considers Paramounts consultation efforts inadequate.

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The Board requires Paramounts response to the August 21, 2001 Mandell Pinder Barristors and Solicitors (on behalf of K'a'aGee Tu First Nation) letter submitted to the Board.