Pine Point Area Timber Harvest Proposal - EA00-005

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Patterson Sawmill Ltd. makes a case to the Minister of DIAND regarding MVEIRB's stop work order.

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Patterson Sawmill Ltd. makes a case to the Minister of DIAND regarding MVLWB's stop work order.

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This letter from the community of Fort Resolution to MVEIRB highlights their concerns with the proposed permit to Patterson's Sawmill to harvest sawlogs.

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Patterson is writing to express concerns that the alternate area proposed by the DKFN is not economically feasible for numerous reasons.

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RWED writes to inform DKF that Patterson believes area 2 economically unfeasible. They also mention Patterson's offers of compensation and reaffirm their own offer of training assistance.

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RWED is concerned that the EA process could cause lengthy delays to the Patterson project, possibly making it economically unviable.

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Patterson Sawmill Ltd. expresses economic concerns related to delays in harvesting, because of the EA process.

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INCA is concerned that MVEIRB is rushing the Patterson EA and they may not be able to submit their comments on the ToR /Guidelines by the deadline.

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DFO will participate in the EA process as Expert Advisors.

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Natural Resources Canada informs MVEIRB that they are not a responsible minister, but they could act as an Expert Advisor during the EA.

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GNWT notification that it will be an expert advisor and responsible minister.

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Patterson Sawmill performed a review of the timber supply in their proposed cut areas and submitted it with their Forest Management Application. This document also contains the terms and conditions of their timber cutting permit.

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Summary report of the operational cruise and tally sheets.

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Summary of all correspondence between RWED and other concerned parties about Patterson Sawmill Ltd.

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A copy of the Timber Harvest Planning and Operating Ground Rules from the Forestry Management Division, Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development.

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Natural Resources Canada is not a responsible minister but can participate as an Expert Advisor.

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Progress report on the Canadian Zinc and Patterson Environmental Assessments.

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Patterson Sawmills Ltd. is requesting clarification on MVEIRB's April 27th, 2001 letter.

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Minister of INAC addresses Paterson's concerns with the length of the process.

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DKFN informs MVEIRB that they have signed an Interim Measures Agreement with the GC and GNWT and would like the Patterson Development deferred until September when their Prescreening Board is established.

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Fort Resolution MActis Council would like to object to the proposed Patterson Sawmill Ltd. timber harvesting permit due to a lack of TK studies.

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Timber supply analysis for the Cameron Hills forestry management area Northwest Territories.

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The Timber supply analysis done by RWED as required by MVEIRB in the REA.

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RWED would like to inform Patterson that thier permit is not valid until they have time to perform the required preliminary screening and further study.