Yellowknife Gold Project - EA0506-004

Document List - Developer's Assessment Report/Environmental Impact Statement

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Letter confirms that the Developer Assessment Report for Tyhee NWT's Yellowknife Gold Project, Akaitcho region will be delayed until late spring of 2006.

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A letter from Hugh Wilson, Tyhee NWT Corp, stating that the submission of the Yellowknife Gold Project DAR will likely be delayed until mid to late 3rd quarter, 2006.

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A letter from Hugh Wilson, Tyhee NWT Corp to MVEIRB regarding the status of the Developers Assessment Report. The letter also gives consideration to the implication that a switch to an open pit scenario would have on the regulatory and assessment process

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A letter from Pat Duxbury, MVEIRB to Hugh Wilson of Tyhee NWT Corp requesting clarfication on the possibility that the Yellowknife Gold Project may go to an open pit scenario

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August 16, 2006 letter from Hugh Wilson, Tyhee NWT Corp, to Patrick Duxbury, MVEIRB.

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Email message from Hugh Wilson, Tyhee NWT Corp, which provides an update on the company's progress regarding the Developers Assessment Report

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May 10, 2007 update on the Yellowknife Gold Project as provided by Tyhee NWT Corp.

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A letter, dated April 28, 2008, from Vern Christensen, Executive Director of the Review Board, to Hugh Wilson, Vice-President of Community and Environmental Affairs for Tyhee NWT Corp. The letter outlines the Review Board's concerns about the delays incu